Friday , June 18 2021

«City Edge» international agencies sell all the first stage «Zahia» units at the new Mansoura

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City Edge Real Estate Development declared the sale of all the «Zia» project in Mansoura, which was launched the first phase of it two weeks ago, the company said in a statement that the project had seen the unprecedented demand on all units and # 39 ; r models offered, all units sold within 3 days Only opening the order door.

The company noted that unit prices in the «bright» towers started from 4 million pounds for the completion of the towers unit, and villas prices started by 4.6 million pounds, and a number of non-residential investment opportunities, such as commercial, medical and educational.

The CEO of Amr Al-Qadi confirmed that she closed the door for the first step on the third day of the tender, and achieved a sales of LE 1.5 billion, stating that the company will announce the opening of the second stage soon. Then Damietta, Cairo, Gharbia, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Sharqiya to Qalioubiyah.

The area of ​​"bright" is about 1500 acres in the center of the new Mansoura city and includes luxury filaments ending at the highest level, the areas from 290 to 820 meters, as well as towers with 28 floors directly overlooking the sea, and covers units from 135 to 350 meters, There are several investment activities in different areas, including 76 acres of Mansoura University, 40 acres of a smart 40-acre village of the University of Renaissance, the city also includes logistics and service area, universities, scientific research centers, medical city, and areas of technological industries.

The Real City Edge Property Development Company was launched this year with a pay capital of LE 1.4 billion, with the contribution of the new Urban Communities Authority of 60% and the Housing and Development Bank for 38% and the Holding Company for Investment and Develop to 2%.

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