Thursday , April 15 2021

Do you know Egyptian young boy boy Magda El Roumi?

The excellent singer Libda, Magda El Roumi, celebrated the closing ceremony of the Arabian Music Festival in its seventh and twentieth session on the great era of Opera Opera Egypt.

Majida Al-Roumi expressed his happiness at the beginning of the ceremony by attending the Egyptian conference. During the ceremony, he presented a special pump of celebrity songs into great interaction with the audience with her during the ceremony.

"We did not sleep at night because of Hussein Fahmi and Najla Fathi," said Badri. Asmar appeared, "to fill the hall with a laugh.

He added: "During Lebanese war evenings, we broke the fear of death and seeing Dugri's door, and we watched the school of the terrorists and the children breeding, and the stars of Adel Imam, Ahmed Zaki, Said Saleh and Kaman Samir Ghanem. So, when I died Abdul – Gharat Esr, I felt something of a house, so how we should love what we have.

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