Monday , June 14 2021

Establish bridges to enable Egyptian companies to penetrate Africa

Hisham Tawfiq, Public Sector Sector Minister stressed that the problem facing Egypt to increase its exports and transactions with African countries is to penetrate these markets in light of the weakness of logistics between us no.

He said during the press conference on the side of the opening of the Destination Africa exhibition today, that the ministry is currently working on the file of increasing Egyptian exports to Africa through a project that Use the Company Hold for land and sea transport, as well as the Holding to Insurance Company.

Tawfik explained that the project included work bridges with Africa, in conjunction with the private sector to facilitate the safeguarding of Egyptian goods to Africa.

He noted that, within two weeks, meetings with the export council officers would be held to discuss how to be present and to strengthen the African market.

In another context, Tawfiq said that the next planting season will test the operation of some experiments for the growing cotton staple of cotton.

He explained that agriculture will be carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Recovery on experimental areas and small research at the outset before adopting large types and growth.

Tawfik added that the average production of types of short-staple types is 17 quintels, rather than just 7 in current long-lasting staples, while the yarns need the amount of yarn and cotton imported from abroad.

He noted that the government considered co-ordination and communication with many countries to discuss the possibility of exploiting its expertise when growing small cotton, rejecting disclosure to complete the selection.

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