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Haya cries on the air after surprise «His Excellence»

Dina El Naggar

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Tuesday 20 November 2018 – 1:55 p
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Tuesday 20 November 2018 – 1:55 p

The singer, Hala Shiha, called after her sister Maya and Rasha Shiha in the "Excellence Challenge" program, broadcast on the "dmc" satellite, on Monday.

"We all have 4 children, and my mum loves them very much, and she wants to ban for a good husband. She asked me if I would do TV interviews. a happiness program, because he is a follower, "he said. Good for the program ».

She expressed her lovely as she returned the artist Hala Sheha for art, and supported her sister in her decision to return again, stating that the first technical class of «Shiha» was a family, where the four brothers took part in different art times.

In her part, the sister of the artist Hala Shiha, Maya Sheha said she was happy to have her sister back to the art again. "Oh, the time I was feeling my mother, and the first time in the summer, we were collecting for 4 years.

The artist Hala Shiha announced, to erase the hijab and return to the art again, by displaying pictures without the boxes, after retirement of representation 11 years ago in 2007, and trigger debates on the pages of networking sites social between supporters and opponents.

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