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I'm thinking about recording religious feelings. I can be blocked at any time. And the dressing up of Hijab means retired representation

Sumaya al-Khashab: I am thinking about recording religious feelings. I can not be surprised at any time. And wearing the headscarf means retired representation. Our newsletter quotes the homeland, we're publishing you to Sumaya al-Khashab: I'm thinking about recording religious feelings. I can be blocked at any time. Representation, Sumaya al-Khashab: I'm thinking about recording religious feelings. I can be ignored at any time. And wearing the headscarf means retired representation We're announcing our visitors to you News News Today through our news and start with the most important news, Sumaya al-Khashab: I & # 39; I think to register religious feelings … and I will be excluded at any time. The dressing up of Hijab means retired representation.

Al-Khattab said his new wife, "Kulbi Ya Nas" ("My Heart is O People") has stated by his listeners, claiming that the human condition is very similar to the song, by adding that he had received praise from the Asala Syrian singer. In his interview with "Akhbarna" newspaper, Sumaya showed that she was open to injustice in her latest album, after using the "Autoton" technique, which transforms the singer's voice to "Araguz" or " Fatouta, "as described, stating that she was stunned by the sound of her divorce O husband, singer Ahmed Saad, who published her newest in the coming period, and her position on registering feelings religious and holiday songs, and the possibility of wearing the shelf, and much detail in the next lines.

How was the idea of ​​a new song "My Heart, O People"?

– This song is 11 months old, which was implemented in December 2017, following a discussion between me and Ahmed Saad, who asked me: «Are you lazy? If you want to go back to sing, you have to have a striking song and are suitable for the volume of your voice at the same time, because your vocal abilities have not yet been shown, you have a great voice and a sense of humor. "I also found that I was just in my last album.

Do you see it right in his opinion about your previous or angry album?

– I agree with him in 100 per cent, because "I did not have the right to be Bichartli really," and I did not have enough experience to choose the melodies to suit my voice, as well to find words that offer new ideas and accept the public, and in the discussion between us, "The idea of ​​the song, written by the poet Hisham Sadiq, came here.

Do not you see that the dose of grief and grief contained in the song is excessive?

– The issue is not so, but Asala told me about the song, saying: "Very sad, but a lot of sweet tastes and a voice on your voice." I was very proud of her opinion about my great girlfriend, and my sense of singing and acting tended to the Shajan region. I feel that my voice is sardonic. "I bet you do not believe my work in this song, and I'm excused about this wrong impression, because my old makers have treated my voice with Autotics," and They were very loud in my voice. , And this technique can turn the singer's voice to «Arajuz» or «Patout», which I cried at the time of action I do not sorry about it because I do not know a remordy, but I am happy with the success of "my heart , people "and reactions to the song.

My credibility is the reason for the success of «my heart, people» .. and it was the subject of injustice in my last album: Turn my voice with «Ototion» to «Patout» .. and I have a prayer prayer and charity

Do you see your song hits on YouTube as a measure of success?

– million per cent, the "Media Media" is currently governing.

But the charge of buying scenes is pursuing stars singing and singing from time to time.

– Tell me: «Will you buy 100,000 holiday every day? If we think they are being paid, what about comments? Is it also bought in cash? If you enter the link of my new song, you will find one negative comment between every 100 comments, reflecting the condition of receiving the song to listeners.

How do you deal with negative feedback?

– I can respect all views of course, but I do not like the words that go out, where the owners were banned without hesitation, but «on my head He expresses his opinion politically, because I respect religious criticism and purpose.

Do you commit to photograph «my heart, people» in video clip & # 39; on the way?

– I do not think, because I'd like the pictures that are related to the "sound" song, after I have had a photography session in Hurghada.

It was said that you had asked the photographer not to show that you want to hide the characteristics of your pregnancy by your husband, Ahmed Saad. What is the truth?

"I'm not pregnant," and as a pregnant woman stood up, I said, because I'm not secret, "but I use rumors, including divorce, for example.

If finally said that separation from Ahmed Saad is not true?

– Certainly, and the effect of the condition of dissatisfaction, we are no longer responding to rumors, and it's enough that «all Lina Bntsd and Ntknak seats» are all.

I tend to sing, act and bleed almost in my life

How do you protect yourself and your husband from jealousy?

– We fulfill prayer duties and do as good as we can, and we seek and trust Allah in every stage of our lives, and we are eager to report the Holy Quran wherever we are go, and the Almighty remains the only one who can protect us and protect all human beings.

How do you see the market after the exciting duo «Hamo Pika» and «Magdy Shatta» for a great debate in recent days?

– «Bdzhkoni does not laugh at normal», but good art will continue to be a waste of itself, a respectable word takes place without discussion, it's really true.

What is your position if you accept a bid to sing a holiday?

– If you get an idea, I felt that people would receive it, and represent adding it it does not take me, what is unwilling to provide? You can have the same music and add respectful and not trivial words.

Why not sing and record religious prayers?

– I recorded 15 religious prayers fifteen years ago, and then I broadcast on the Alexandria channel, and so I can repeat the experience again.

Why not repeat these prayers, as they were not widely distributed then?

– A good idea that's worth studying and thinking, because his words and tunes are very impressive.

What is the truth about your contract for a new series of «Breaking News»?

– I did not contract a series from this name, but I have a project from the director Jamil Jamil Al-Moghazi, but it's still in the process of preparing, and we have not yet contracted with any producer, but it's a political series characterized by excitement and action.

Are you not afraid of co-operation with Jamil Jamil al-Mughazi, especially as he specializes in directing videos?

As he sees me in a new way that nobody has ever seen before, he is "Heetgrenn and he goes to Joaya", where his enthusiasm was relied on as dependence , and became more enthusiastic to cooperate with him, who helped me thank the montage «my heart, people».

How do you see the situation of the drama market in the current foggy situation?

– I feel the tension that exists at the level of the production, as seen by a series reduction from series 70 to 13, according to what I read and heard. I hope that there will be a revival in the play, "because there are many open houses behind this profession."

Do you accept introducing a series outside the Ramadan market in the light of this atmosphere?

– Certainly, because the experience experiences the enjoyment of these series of high viewing rates, and they are not the subject of injustice when shown on satellite channels.

And what about the quality of the series of 45 or 60 episodes?

– My agreement here depends on the quality of the script, and brings the events of this episode, so that there is no vision or interference long on the viewer, so events must be tight , so that the viewers of the first are the last.

We learned that you were preparing for a movie with Ahmed Saad. What about it?

– We have many ideas to introduce together, including a joint song in a "new" style, as well as a film that is still in the process of preparing. I am also preparing to sing a song from Ahmed Saad from the words of Hisham Sadiq. Similar to "my heart, people."

What do you know that you have a serious health problem during the last period?

– He fell to the floor after a balanced imbalance, who had not been aware of internal bleeding, was placed in an intensive care room between life and death in the air hospital, and emergency surgery was carried out to remove the bees due to all its erosion.

After wearing the mouse in one of the pictures, do you think Sumaya al-Khashab is in this step?

– I can be blocked in a moment.

What about your work as an actress when you wore hijab?

– I believe I will not be working again, because the religious or historical series is not a map drama.

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