Saturday , July 31 2021

Portugal is the first to qualify for the quarterly rounds of the European League … Italy and join

The Portuguese team became the first winners of the UEFA Champions League final finals, after drawing with Italian counterparts without a goal on the final stadium, to ensure the highest level of Group C in the first level.

The Italians had a great performance during most of their events. The players lost many opportunities to score but the guests were able to make sure they were a net and protect the gold box.

The result of the Portuguese team rose to 7 points, of three games, which he secured early in early, as Italy finished their four games with 5 points in the second, while a Polish team down the group with single point.

The Portuguese faces Polish counterparts in the last round of the Group C competition, the conflicts that have come to an end, as he confirmed the progress of the Portuguese team, and confirmed the decline of Polish counterparts to the second level.

Under the tournament regulations, the leaders of the four groups at the first level qualify for the finalists of the title competition, while the group's players fall to the lowest levels, and the leaders of the groups from levels 2 to 4 climb to the highest levels.

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