Friday , July 30 2021

Unknown men kill two girls with 10 bullets and throw their bodies on foot

The Qalibia Security Directorate, in co-ordination with the Criminal Investigation Department, intensified its efforts to arrest anonymous persons who were throwing two bodies of two women shot dead in a neighborhood in the city of Al-Obour. The bodies were transferred to Al-Obour General Hospital.

Brigadier General, Osama Abdel Fattah, the acting head of the department, received a message from the parents that two bodies of two women were found dead in their bodies on the street in the city of Al-Obour.

Head of General Reda Tablih, the director of security, was informed. Chief Director Alaa Farooq, Director of Inquiry and General Brigadier Abdullah Jalal, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, said that the two girls were 18 to 19, with wounds pouring up to 10 shots. The girls were wearing their clothes And no personal belongings were revealed to reveal their identity.

Investigations noted that both women had been thrown out for the purpose of disposal and that the bodies had not been discovered.

A report of the incident was released and the public prosecution took over the investigation.

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