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Unwilling surprise for "Samsung" fans happens within months

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There was an unpleasant surprise for "Samsung" fans talking within months, quoting the Egyptians site, on Saturday 17 November 2018.

China's chief executive Huawei said his company was looking for a number one sales figure in the world, the number held by Samsung.

Yu said in the interview: "" Next year, we will be close to the number one, we'll probably be in conjunction with Samsung. At least in the following year, we may have the opportunity (to be number one), 2020. "

The company has become one of the largest technology companies in China thanks to the growth of mobile network equipment and is now one of the largest suppliers in the world for this market, commenting U is a "scary warning" for Samsung.

"I'm encouraging the team to have the ability to innovate, to make guiding innovations and to do something that some people might feel crazy to challenge ourselves and challenge the phone industry," says Yu in an interview

The Chinese company, who had been over Apple first in seven years, in the second quarter behind Samsung Corean Korean Core.

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Source: Egyptians

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