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50 best films of 2020 in the UK: 50-41 | Film


State boys

This eye-opening film examines the role-playing game to teach children how politics organized by the American Legion works. Here the version in Texas is considered, debates and struggle for the power reach a crescendo at fictitious elections. Read the full review.


White riot

A documentary about the groundbreaking Rock Against Racism movement, which helped halt the growing flow of far-right support in Britain in the 1970s. Read the full review.


Only Animals

Only Animals.
Interconnected … Only Animals. Photo: Jean-Claude Lauther

This is a brilliant, witty thriller by French director Dominique Molle (Harry, He’s Here to Help), which includes the interconnected stories of six disparate people and stretches from the south of France to Côte d’Ivoire. Read the full review.



There is a harsh Icelandic background to this brutal corruption drama: Arnd Hren Egilsdottir plays Inga, a farmer who takes over the mafia that runs a local cooperative, trying to circumvent the monopoly by selling products online. Read the full review.


The perfect candidate

Director Wajda Haifa’s fourth film, al-Mansour, sees the Saudi director return home for a politically distorted drama that interrogates the country’s supposedly new liberalism after a female doctor tried to run after being denied a trip abroad. Read the full review.



Brazilian deep horror ... Bacurau.
Brazilian deep horror … Bacurau. Photo: TCD / Alamy Stock Photo

Brazilian horror western with an extremely disturbing tone, directed by Kleber Mendons Filo and Giuliano Dornelles. The woman returns to a remote, deep city – the fictional settlement of Bakurau – which seems to have fallen off the map when a brutal group of foreigners gather nearby. Read the full review.



Elizabeth Moss from the minds of men starred as the famous horror writer Shirley Jackson (best known for the film “Lottery”) in a fictional biographical film that suggests what happens when a young couple interrupts her cold home life with her husband Stanley (Michael Stulbarg). Read the full review.


Borat Next Moviefilm

Individual films do not often change the course of history, but humiliating Donald Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani, this sequel to Baron Cohen’s hit comedy Sachi in 2006 may have done just that. This time the Kazakh journalist is trying to unload his daughter Tutar (Maria Bakalova). Read the full review.


The invisible man

An enterprising adaptation of the HG Wells classic, reconfigured for the #MeToo era by Blumhouse horror experts. Elizabeth Moss is a woman who believes she is being persecuted by a ruling guy who is believed to have killed himself. Read the full review.


Saint Francis

Nice to see ... Saint Frances
Nice to see … Saint Frances Photo: Oscilloscope / Kobal / Rex / Shutterstock

American indie is well-written by Kelly O’Sullivan, who plays a woman in her mid-30s whose unexpected pregnancy coincides with her being babysitted by a child named Francis (Ramona Edith Williams). Read the full review.

• Placements were calculated on a weighted average of the votes of critics. Voters: Peter Bradshaw, Kate Clark, Ellen E. Jones, Leslie Felperin, Phil Hoad, Mike McCahill, Benjamin Lee, Catherine Shord, Andrew Pulver, Steve Rose

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