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Feature: Highlights in the Great Ethiopian Run – Xinhua

ADDIS ABABA, November 18 (Xinhua) – Ethiopia's distance runner Hussein Kiros marks his personal milestone as he reaches the Ethiopian Running line of Africa's largest racing race here (GER) here on Sunday.

Speaking to Xinhua, Kiros, who has run all of the 18 editions of GER since the 10-km race was set up in 2001, he said that GER had a special place in his heart.

"I have not missed one date of CER, one time I avoided losing the run overseas by returning from Dubai during the night a few hours before the race on end start, "says Kiros.

"I'll prepare at least a week before each issue of GER with 30 minutes of exercise every day to prepare my body for the run," said Kiros.

However, Kiros does not limit his girlfriend to his athletics, competing with four young children in both last GER races.


The Great Ethiopian Run has raised headlines this year, not only for the 44,000 runners who took part in the athletics race, but the fact that the Eritrean athlete, Zersenay Tadesse, is a guest honors at the athletics event. Four other Eritrean athletes also competed in the race for the first time.

Ethiopia and Eritrea fought a war between 1998-2000 and left about 70,000 people dead on both sides. Despite the peace agreement in December 2000 ending the war, both countries remained in a lasting condition until June.

The persistent hostility meant that all types of connections between the two countries including sports were banned.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, who took up a job in April, started peacekeeping in June, and agreed to return to areas that were disputing to Eritrea. Since then both countries have moved rapidly to restore diplomatic links, trade relations and telephone, resume flight and reopen their common boundaries.

Speaking to Xinhua, Tadesse said that he was impressed by the crowd that voted for GER and believes that future issues of CER would even have more participants with the harmonization between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

"I expect CER to grow further in the coming years, Eritrean athletes have been involved for the first time in GER, the two country athletics federation has agreed to exchange coaching destinations and trainers to promote & # 39; the bilateral athletics partnership, "said Tadesse at Xinhua.

Tesse, who is already an athletics icon in Eritrea, has won bronze at a 10,000-meter race race during the Summer Athens Olympics 2004, hoping to run a copy athletics tournament in Eritrea soon to deepen the alignment between the two country.

"I really feel happy when I see such types of mass races, I will pursue the successes of GER and hold a major athletic event in the Eritrean capital of Asmara with Ethiopian athletes' participation, "he said.


Since its inception, GER has not only become a famous athletic event in the East African region, but has also seen an increasing number of runners coming from around the world.

A runner of this is Wang Xiaoyu who comes from Beijing. "This is my second time here, and this year, I brought more friends from China to enjoy the running," said Wang to Xinhua.

"We will continue to run next year, the year after next year and so on, because I have friends coming to Ethiopia to enjoy running here and the general culture experience," he added.

Wang was one of the 30 estimated Chinese runners in GER, the largest runner-up group to run the race on Sunday.

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