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Gary Neville's honest opinion on Jordan Pickford is the wonders of Man Utd

The legendary Manchester United, Gary Neville, has provided an honest assessment of Jordan Pickford.

Stopping an Everton shot has set himself up as England No. 1 following a strong World Cup.

The 24-year-old has shown an impressive range of regular displays and produced for Gareth Southgate.

And with the David De Gea contract expires at the end of the season, the Pickford form has been viewed as a replacement for the replacement of the Spanish in Old Trafford.

Following the well-known victory of England over Croatia, Neville discussed what he thought was good and bad about the keeper.

"I thought it was a risk before the World Cup. It was one of the points that I was most nervous about," he told Sky Sports.

Gary Neville although Jordan Pickford is a risk to England

"I really believe that international football is suited to many in the sense that the team plays.

"I believe that the fact that you have more time to play the back or usually in the Premier League.

"I think it's suitable for international football. I was nervous about it before the World Cup but it has slowly earned my cell."

In explaining why he was not eager to Pickford, Neville's united hero Peter Schmeichel used as an example.

The current David De Gea contract runs out at the end of the season

Neville believes that Pickford does not have Peter Schmeichel's presence

"This is not me the idea of ​​what a goalkeeper should be. I always think that a keeper should be a leader," he added.

"There are so many keepers now for a lot and have a capacity in terms of flexibility that you have to change with the times.

"I was always Peter Schmeichel, the great presence [Pickford] It does not look huge in a goal, but it's viable and it makes great savings.

"It does not look huge at the goal. It does a lot of savings."

Red Devils has the option to extend the De Gea contract by an additional year and are expected to do so.

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