Friday , June 18 2021

John Isner receives incredible news after the Novak Djokovic game

John Isner has revealed he had learned about the death of his best friend as he walked off court after being defeated to Novak Djokovic in the ATP finals this week.

The American and Kyle Morgan company have been described as "blameless" – while the star grieves have fought and played Marin Cilic and Alexander Zverev, losing the three of & # 39; i games in the round-end robin tournament in London, Sunday Reports.

He was beaten 7-6 6-3 by the talented German Zverev today, making him leave the UK with three blasts of three.

But there were opportunities for the 33 year old who enjoy their week in London to be scrapped earlier in the week.

After losing 6-4 6-3 to world 1 and Djokovic's favorite tournament, Isner said he had lost something much more important – his best friend Morgan.

The circumstances around a sudden 35-year-old death are still unknown, but it is probably astonished and the tennis star.

Morgan was Isner's strength coach and the couple were home to having an "unreliable bond".

In an emotional Instagram post, wrote the world No. 10: "RIP Kyle. It's hard to explain how much I love you and how instrumental you were doing to me who I am today.

"My heart and everyone who knows you have broken completely. You touch as many lives as best as possible.

"You're a Florida football player Gator, I was a Georgia Bulldog tennis player for me. Despite our crazy differences, we created an incredible bond.

"You've been the most knowledgeable strength coach ever and the years we spent in the gym together enabled me to compete at the highest level. You were the best chef I've ever had I'll miss so many wings that we'll cook with each other on NFL Sunday.

"More than anything, you were a friend, the best friend we can never ask for. Kyle Steven Morgan, I love you bro. I've gone but never forgotten."

The American personally has his corresponding shoes by writing "KM" in large, heavy letters. A small but personal touch to a late friend.

Speaking after his second game, he had three narrow penalties for Marin Cilic, Isner said: "When I left college, I can only work out with Kyle for probably seven years. That's four, five work a week for seven years. We also live together.

"We were definitely very close. It's not only fun for me but for a group of people. It was a great little girl."

Of course, there was a difficult week on and off the court but speaking after his third game and the final today, Isner tried to stay incredibly for his first first in the end of season tournament.

Following his loss to Zverev, Isner said: "I would say it's definitely a positive experience. This is my first ATP Limits. I also know that I'm not getting any youngest but I want to try to go back this year next.

"It was a bit difficult to deal with that (Morgan's death). I do not think that has any negative impact on my work. I want to have played a little better.

"But I do not think he has anything to do with me that happened to me outside this event. It was really difficult."

Application for the ATP Limits, despite giving money from Rafael Nadal and Juan Martin Del Potro, is a witness to the year that Isner has received.

He won two tournaments this year, the fifth Atlanta Open in six years and a 1000 Master's crown in Miami.

In September he became a father for the first time when the daughter of Hunter Grace was named. He arrived nine months after he joined the nodor who married Madison McKinley's jewelery designer.

He added: "I think it's definitely a moment that changes me and my wife.

"For me professionally, I think that it can definitely help move forward.

"Before a woman is born, I believe marriage is another big step.

"That definitely resolves personal things. This was the perfect timing for all of it.

"Everything has gone quite fluid in my personal life, so I'll believe it's definitely helping.

"That's why I was at times this year I've been really impressed. I'm looking forward to more of that next year."

This article originally appeared on The Sun and it was reproduced with permission

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