Thursday , January 23 2020
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New industry records App | Do not go


App Annie has released the following new industry applications for Android and iOS: users downloaded more than 30.3 billion apps in the second quarter of 2019. Compared to the previous year, consumer spending increased by more than 20 percent to almost 22.6 billion dollars.

Google Play Download has increased by 10% compared to last year and amounted to nearly $ 22.5 billion. The Google App Store generated 185% more downloads than Apple. On iOS, non-gaming applications account for 70 percent of downloads and 60 percent for gaming stores.

(Source: App Annie)

Emerging markets continue to drive Google Play growth. India, Brazil, and Indonesia were the first three markets during the year, both in terms of downloads and absolute growth in the second quarter. On Google Play, the United States, South Korea and Japan have contributed to the overall increase in spending. Compared to the previous year, the largest share of the US, Russia and Germany market.

On iOS, China, the US and Japan were the three main loading markets, while the US, Japan and Brazil were leading markets for an absolute increase in downloads on a quarterly basis, as well as an annual increase in market share. Markets with the largest share of the market in comparison with the previous year were the USA, Great Britain and Brazil.

All App Annie research can be downloaded here. You can read how the figures were about a year ago.

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