Sunday , January 24 2021

The coach defends Daniel Dubois because of claims to “throw”; Hearn says Warren rushed at him

Coach Daniel Dubois defended his fighter after he took a knee and admitted a fight with Joe Joyce on Saturday.

Joyce took the European, British and British heavyweight belts with a victory after Dubois decided he would not be able to continue working after an eye injury.

It was later confirmed that the 23-year-old Londoner suffered a fracture of the orbit during the fight, as well as suspicion of nerve damage. Repeated blows to his left eye also caused swelling that prevented him from seeing from it.

Several fighters, including David Haye, Carl Frampton and Dillian White, suggested that Dubois “quit” and criticized his determination, but coach Martin Bowers disagreed.

Speaking before “5 Live Boxing”, Bowers said: “What do we want to see when a child loses an eye?

“Coming out in the 10th round, I said we had three rounds left in the fight and one in the eye,” he said.

“The next round, anything, I pulled it off.

“Like I said, I turned around and Daniel was on his knees. I could see he wasn’t there. He wasn’t there because he didn’t have a bottle. People who say it’s twisted and wrong.”

Bowers praised Dubois, who faced perhaps the first serious retreat of an opponent in his career, who saw Joyce as an unbroken prospect.

He continued, “It’s because they’re having real fights with real fighters. I was trying to convey to him, ‘You want to be one of them, and you have it?’ “

“It’s cruel. Boxers who go to the ring are special people. People who say he took his knee are rubbish. I don’t have that.”

Meanwhile, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn joined a box of boxers who believed Dubois had given up.

Speaking on Instagram, he said, “I think it was about the fourth or fifth round, and I thought,‘ He doesn’t like it. ’He went to the corner, and the corner team said something like,“ Come on. This is a fighting game! ‘

I thought, “Calm down, this is only the fourth round.” And I think they just knew he was mentally weak.

“You know what, it always seems to me that it’s not difficult for a fighter to tell a fighter he dumped,” he added.

“I think you have to look at what the fighters are saying. Each fighter says that Dubois abandoned. So I think, from a boxing standpoint, yes. ”

Hearn suggested that Dubois promoter Frank Warren had failed in the super heavyweight division, throwing him into the fight at the highest level, not allowing him an intermediate step.

“I think it will be very difficult to come back from this, but in the end, I think they hurried with him. I thought they matched Dubois very well.

“Sam Jones was right; they never gave him that average fight. They went from the English title to the world’s top 15, because that’s what Joe Joyce is. “

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