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Best Care Tips To Give Our Teenagers


You have not seen how they grow, but your children are teenagers and should start taking care of them – almost as adults. Discover the beauty tips to help them get more confidence than ever.

Because we were all there, we know that adolescence is not always easy for our children. The body changes, with acne and hair … So many metamorphoses, which manifest themselves in a rather limited period of time and which are difficult to accept. And if we no longer stand behind every step of care we can still show them the good habits that we need to take today and who will serve them for life.

For my boy boy

This is one of the rituals of adulthood, a special moment in every person's life: the first shave can be performed as soon as your teenager feels the need, when he feels, may be less comfortable, for example, with his boy's mustache. If he wants, he may for the first time be accompanied by a father or a man of the family with whom he feels confident. And in order for this first experience to take place in good conditions, it is ideal to provide the best material: a razor specially adapted to its still fragile skin, such as the Gillette® SkinGuard Sensitive Razor, which does not cause any irritation while protecting the skin from the blades. How? Thanks to the new technology of SkinGuard, located between the shoulder blades, which reduces their friction, smooth the skin to better protect it, and also raises the blades against the skin surface to limit their contact with the skin. Malin! And to accompany this shaver is ideally suited for sensitive skin, think of a sufficient amount of moisturizing shaving foam that will prepare its skin up.

Even if habits develop, it's sometimes difficult to take our teenage boys, which is important to take care of their skin: no, makeup is not just for girls! Identify your skin type with it and get tailor made skin care products like face cleanser, moisturizer and even a scrub, which is especially important when you start shaving.
Do not be shy to advise the epilation of his possible mono-eyebrows if he embarrasses him and offer him a moisturizing lip balm, which is sometimes neglected by the boys.
You can also tell him what kind of shower gel and body cream to use, especially if it has dry skin.

For my teenage girl

Although this may not be the way boys are celebrating, the first shave of a teenager is still important. Show him from the very beginning the best way to avoid cutting yourself, adjusting to the direction of hair and shaving at the end of the shower. In addition, get a shave razor and shaving gel that you checked and approved yourself. You can discuss together, how often it can shave, and the areas with which it wants to deal – just legs or knitwear and armpits too? It is important to be able to establish a dialogue with her so that she realizes that, as always, it is about her body: she should not be under any pressure; she decides she is best not her girlfriend or woman in magazines!

Your teen will definitely want to experiment with cosmetics. Try as much as you can not judge too quickly and direct it, showing it some tricks and buying good and quality products with it: a foundation suitable for her face, no irritating carcasses, etc. Makeup is not really your hobby? View her textbooks to share the momentum of an accomplice and give her a test of a new trend. Also teach him how to remove makeup every night before bedtime to keep clean skin.
And in order to avoid a disaster in her eyebrows, which would take time to repair, direct her to remove her hair so as not to remove too much hair. Perhaps for the first time in the beauty salon.

As for your boy, he will advise your teen about daily maintenance of his face and body: cleaning and moisturizing products adapted to his skin type, organic, if possible, and with most ingredients. of natural origin, so as not to attack the epidermis.

For all teens

This, of course, is the most widespread and difficult problem in adolescence: acne can be detrimental to self-esteem and relationships with others. Do not shy away from this sensitive but necessary conversation to effectively combat your teen's skin problems. Sign up for a dermatologist who will advise her to use the product, make sure she uses them regularly, and remind her that it's best to never touch her acne, risking worsening the situation.

Yesterday he still smelled of a pure child, but with the help of hormones, your teenager is now producing a real smell for adults. Take a leading role and offer an effective deodorant, without being aggressive, to apply it every morning after a shower, of course. On the part of perfumery, calms its possible features, offering him not too much in it: this excess of zeal can be really counterproductive.

It's not always easy for your teen to wash your hair regularly, but it's important for him to feel better about yourself – and you still want to be seen on his side.
For hairstyles, let them live on the experience of hair, which they will not be able to survive later, and already think about the moments of fun that await you when you re-find your view on the photo in a few years.

For girls, as for boys, clean nails are synonymous with good body hygiene, which is just fun to see. We encourage our older children to care for them and cut them well. For girls we check the manicure at the top a bit extravagant, trying to keep the nails not too long.

Yes, it seems obvious, but when your baby becomes independent in his care, he may tend to skip some important steps like brushing teeth. His love is reminded to brush your teeth at least twice a day to prevent caries and keep your breath fresh. You can also initiate the thread ritual at night for the perfect hygiene of the oral cavity.

Even if this is not always relevant, sun protection should be a reflex for your teens as soon as the sun's rays get warmer. On the beach and even in the city, encourage them to apply cream on the face and open parts of the body, focusing on a low-fat product that can be quickly forgotten. They will thank you!

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