Monday , September 20 2021

Bordeaux: volunteer firefighter Yellow vest in coma, IGPN captured

VIOLENCE – Prefect Gironde and the prosecutor's office seized the IGPN (General Inspectorate of the National Police) after distributing in social networks videos in which a yellow vest was wounded on Saturday in Bordeaux.

Late Saturday evening, on the corner of St Catherine Street and the streets of de la Mezzon Daurade, they showed yellow vests. According to Gironde Prefecture, police intervention in this sector of the Bordeaux center followed the degradation attempt at a neighboring Apple store. There, Olivier Bezyade, a 47-year-old volunteer firefighter, the father of three children, came to protest as a citizen and was seriously injured in his head. Hospitalized at the University Hospital, he was operated and placed in an artificial coma, testifies SouthwestAs a result, the prefect and the prosecutor seized this Monday, the IGPN (National Police Inspector General), to "request a criminal case."

These are some videos circulating in social networks, which forced them to turn to "police fonts." Each of them shows another stage of the same scene. On one of them, amateur, we see a shooter who shoots on the LBD (launching the defensive bullets), then another throws a projectile, which may be a grenade desenskulementa, to the street where a few seconds earlier were occupied with yellow vests, including Olive 39; is Beziad. The same video, continuous, shows it in a few seconds, lying motionless downward, bleeding from the head.

Other images, in a few seconds, including AFP and France 3, show victims who are assisted by volunteers of first aid, then taken care of and evacuated, apparently from firefighters. Southwest indicates that he was urgently operated prior to a cerebral hemorrhage before being placed in an artificial coma. "Doctors assure the future," says his wife, quoted by a regional diary.

She adds, "Olivier has absolutely nothing to blame, has not broken anything, despite the fact that some people can write on the Internet, and the police fired at him when he was safe. My husband is not a criminal.

Very angry, she made contact with a lawyer during the weekend. None of the images we contacted can determine whether an injury is a direct consequence of the impact of a projectile or associated with a protester's downfall. According to rescuers, the interview Southwest, the fireman was knocked out instantly, and then fell to his face.

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