Thursday , April 15 2021

Browser Marc Pajot is guilty of "sexual abuse" on her daughter-in-law

The winner of the Black Rhum Trail was sentenced to four years in prison. At the hearing, he acknowledged the facts and apologized.

Winner of the Black Rhum 1982 The Pajot Marc was sentenced to four years in prison that was abolished in Draguignan for a sexual touch committed to her daughter in law 15 years ago, was learned Friday by the victim's lawyer.

The facts go back to 2003. The events carried out in Saint-Tropez in 2003 and described as "sexual abuse of 15-year-olds per person in authority" were later designated after the divorce of the daughter of the daughter and the navigator.

"The exam judge had rejected the Pajot Mark in front of the assizes but he had appealed and the appeal court had corrected the facts because they were old and not repeated," said the victim's lawyer, Mr. Isabelle Colombani, the day after the sentence designated on Thursday and revealed by Var-Matin. "We did not publicize the case because one of the main defense lines was to bring a complaint made by his second wife in the context of the divorce," he said.

The young girl filed a complaint in 2012. A 16-year-old epileptic girl, her partner's daughter sometimes sleeps in the couple's bed near her mother who wanted to watch her epileptic seizures. "One night, Mr. Pajot touched her, who did not talk about her until she filed a complaint in 2012 when she began to interfere with her life as a woman," said her lawyer. .

In the court, Marc Pajot said the first he was sleeping and thought he liked his love, then admitted that he had been curious about a young body. The hearing lasted for four hours and ended up to acknowledge the facts and apologize, "said Colombani.

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