Friday , July 30 2021

Cancel Major Roger Jaloux, hand man Paul Bocuse

Operational Cook of the Auberge de Collonges for 40 years, Roger Jaloux, the best known French worker in 1976, died at 76, at 76. This is another monument of the food that goes to Lyon, one month after the death of Mr Paul.

He left to join a friend, "Mr Paul". Roger Jaloux died on Saturday, November 17, after fighting the disease. Paul Bocuse's right-handed arm, who's going to join the triple star chef, has disappeared last January. The first apprenticeship of the master, he was the executive director of the Auberge de Collonges-au-Mont-d Or for 40 years. He continued to say hello regularly, despite the illness.

"He was our chief executive for 40 years, the right branch of Paul Bocuse, a very kind man It is appreciatedVincent Le Roux, director of Auberge Paul Bocuse, has three Michelin stars at AFP. With this new death, the foundations of the house leave. " Roger Jaloux "is also the architect of this famous world", Auberge des Bordes Saone has added Vincent Le Roux, allowing the house to stamp three star stars to maintain this distinction continuously since 1965.

Gérard Collomb paid tribute to Roger Jaloux on Twitter

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