Tuesday , June 15 2021

CHUV presents the public to control premature babies

The CHUV Department of Obstetrics and Neurosciences invited the public on Saturday to walk on the Maternity floor to discover the control of the pre-hospital neonatal baby. Event organized as part of World Maturity Quality Day.

Visitors were led by different health professionals. They also had the opportunity to visit the "Baby Rescue", the ambulance specializing in the transportation of newborn babies, according to the CHUV.

There have been a number of workshops and information improving the visit. The public have the opportunity to learn more about brain development during the pre-term period, the tests used to assess the development of premature babies or the benefits of the Support Unit. breastfeeding

Full guided tours

Guided visits to classrooms and different neonatal martial areas were complete.

The medicine department also joined the hospital with the day by attending an information stand on hand hygiene in the hospital, the flu virus and vaccination. He offered a workshop on infectious diseases that pose a risk to pregnant and neonatal women.

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