Saturday , July 31 2021

David Hallyday: what he trusted to Jade and Joy when Johnny died

While he spoke this Sunday, November 18 at the show 7 to 8 On TF1, David Hallyday assured that he had explained to his little sister, Jade and Joy, that they were always welcome at home.

Family first and foremost Since the death of Johnny Hallyday, like years before his death, David Hallyday had predominantly expressed himself through music. But a few weeks after Laeticia Hallyday's media tour to promote her husband's latest album, David Hallyday wanted to join the show 7 to 8 on IT1 to restore his truth about the last days of his father and his relative throughout his life.

In last February, Laura Smet and David Hallyday are announcing the collective challenges of their father's father, who urged them to favor Laeticia Hallyday. Since then, the rocker's clan is exploded and the different parts say their version of the story in the press. David Hallyday continued comparatively but now he is always making his younger sister, Jade and Joy, always welcome home. When asked if he is in contact with her, he responds without blinking: "It's complicated today but we'll have and then they know. I told them before leaving my home at home. And now, they know it, I told them."

For the musician sure, those who have the Johnny Hallyday legacy are far beyond bank accounts that one day around will be remembered.


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