Sunday , January 24 2021

East Pyrenees, Haute-Corse and Corsi du Sud are on fire alert for storms and floods

Meteo France on Friday, November 27, holds three orange vigilance departments due to floods due to “intense rainy episode”. This applies to the Eastern Pyrenees and the two Corsican departments, Upper Corsica and Corsica du.

Three departments in the south of France have been hit by a heavy downpour that could continue. “The intensity of precipitation is from 20 to 40 mm in a short time” in Les Orienles Pyrénées, Météo France. “Expected accumulations range from 70 to 120 mm from the Corbier to the foothills of the Pyrenees. They are 150 to 180 mm in relief. On the coastal plains, the accumulations are about 40 to 70 mm.”

As for Corsica, according to Météo France: “The intensity of precipitation in a short time is about 30-50 mm. These showers and thunderstorms occur mainly in the east and south of the island. They continue throughout the day on Saturday.” Expected Accumulations “have an order of 50 to 80 mm on the east coast and on the plain, 100-150 mm on the terrain and eastern foothills of the island, locally from 200 to 250 mm or even more. “

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