Sunday , January 24 2021

export and recall of contaminated meat of gastronomic products

Caution… In a press release on Thursday, the health authorities announced the seizure and recall of sausages distributed by the same brand in several brands, in cases of salmonella.

Interviewed people who have been ill since September 22, all consumed dry sausages bought in one chain of stores. The link between the onset of symptoms in these people and the consumption of dry cold meat produced by France Salaison was confirmed on November 13 by the General Directorate of Food, the General Directorate of Health and Health of France.

From the Saint Azay trademark: RIGHT DRY SAUCE (250 g): all DDM (maximum duration) is included until 12.08.20

Curved dry sausage (300 g): all DDM up to 12/12/20 included

ROSETTE DE LYON 15 slices (150 g) lots: 111001 (DDM 28/01/2020) and 111928 (DDM 29/01/2021) trademark Saint ALBY
ROSETTE pre-cut 15 slices (150 g) in batches: 111236 (DDM 01/24/2020) and 111818 (DDM 01/29/2021) of the trademark Le FLUTIAU with the healthcare brand FR 69.238.010 CE and sold on a free shelf -service in LIDL and ALDI trademarks.

  • In sandwiches in Auchan, Casino, Monoprix, Leader Price and Franprix

Monterrat used a socket made by France Salaisons to decorate Club Rosette sandwiches marked FR 01.159.002 CE. They were sold under the trademarks Auchan, Casino, Monoprix, Leader Price and Franprix, and are subject to withdrawal and recall.

Health authorities advise people who still have affected products not to consume them and return them to the point of sale where they were purchased.

Food poisoning caused by salmonella leads to sudden gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, vomiting), which are often accompanied by fever and headaches, which usually occur 6-7 hours after eating contaminated food. These symptoms may be more pronounced in young children, pregnant women, people with weakened immune systems and the elderly.

People who have consumed these products and have such symptoms are advised to consult their doctor, informing him about this consumption. If there are no symptoms within 7 days after consuming the affected products, you do not need to worry and see a doctor.

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