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Federer at Zverev: "You do not have to apologize" – ATP

The 37-year-old Switzerland was not looking for an excuse after defeating young Germans.

Roger Federer will not win the Masters for the seventh time in his career. Not 2018 anyway … Alexander Zverev stopped ahead in the final (7-5 ​​7-6). In the first run, both accompaniment followed each other very closely. The decision came down in the twelfth game. More insulting, Federer lost the set on his service, placing white on the leading center on the right hand side. From the beginning of the second run, the Basler was restored. He took the Zverev service (for the first time in the game) in the third game. But his leader was very short as he lost his engagement on a forehand that was sent down the hall immediately. Federer knew a new warning. He was 0/30 serving but managed to capture two major shortcomings in his opponent's succession. Then Germany and Switzerland played a decisive game. With a famous event. Freeze frame

4/3 in favor of the last Australian Open winner on a beautiful volleyball sequence. Then a ball collector moved to pick up a lost bullet while the exchange was set. The point was to re-play. He sent a German goal to go back to 4 points everywhere. Then following a huge mistake on Federer forehand volleyball that has not yet filed! In 6/5 for a party, Zverev set the last volley of winning backhand. The colliery said: "This fact of matching (with the ball collector) has disturbed me the same thing. We had to repeat the point. I took an ace behind. The referee confirmed the line, it was normal to play the point and I also asked the ball boy: "Did you drop the ball?" Yes, yes, it happens. I & Hopefully, it will not stop sleeping. Whatever happens, it's a life, it's a sport. The end of the world is not either … "

The six-month winner of the Masters even defended Germany (sprayed by the audience in the Annabel Croft microphone): "I can understand the frustration of people, but the circumstances were those. It can happen. I do not like whistle. tennis rarely happens, but when it happens we always take it very personally. "Sascha" did not deserve this type of response. He apologized to me when I came to the net. I said, " Do not apologize, you do not have to do it. "In the opposite, I have been congratulated and wish luck for it. The rules are the rules and must be applied …" Federer Fatalist. With the class. At this meeting, we know the importance of Zverev's first ball quality. She was in the rendezvous (66% against only 56% for Federer and 7 aces for Germany against only 3 for Federer).

"I had no weapons to make a difference"

Roger Federer

Particularly abusive, Zverev often laughed to Federer that he could not move up: "I did not hit the ball well enough during most games, worried about Switzerland, this was more casual at the end of the game when I could get closer to the score. We could also get better back to its first services. Especially at the beginning of the game I had a lot of trouble. Then when I gave "break" (at the beginning of the second set), he was disappointed to lose credit this increase so quickly. He reminded me of a game situation against (Kei) Nishikori In short, I could play mostly better. Link to the game level "Sascha"? It's probably … But there are sometimes the spaces & Very thin. There were points lost here and there .This did not necessarily go to my address. But I probably did not have the tools to make a difference either. I & # 39; n run after most & # 3 score 9; the time … "

The Master of the 20 Grand Slams leaves London over. However, with lots of lessons to draw: "Pete said) Sampras once you'll have a good season when you win a Grand Slam tournament. So it was a season Give me. At the age of 37, I'm happy to be so competitive and have so much fun on court tennis. Although I lost this game, I had a historic season. I even became number 1. I was a great joy in my life, I did not think it would happen again. In 2013 when I dragged my back problems, my nennis had had a big impact on me. I'm a great Australian Open, I can not wait to go back in a few weeks. My second half of the season could have been better. I missed a few games, but when we're so close, it's proven we're still competitive I can not wait to start a new term We will see the timetable for adoption, we will study if I play on clay, this calendar will also be suitable ar for my family, Mirka, everyone. Including the physics, the trainers. I will make those decisions in due course. There is a time before you take them.

The timing of Zverev, 16 years younger than Federer, is naturally much harder. Although he was waiting to know his opponent in the final, he could taste and … apologize: "Against Roger, I hit the ball well. Often, this was true this year But some do not know it. Against Roger it's crucial to be aggressive. He must take another time and does not give you a game. That's what I was trying to do and He worked. How will I respond if I'm going to tomorrow? I hope it will not happen because I did not do anything from a place … "Zverev came on the simultaneously with the first German to reach the Masters final since Boris Becker in 1996. Federer, in the meantime, has already packed his bags. And have forgotten "deal" with the ball collector. Status that supported itself in 1993 in the Basel tournament. He has been in his club for three years. We can even understand their shortcomings. Even if defeat always stimulates conflict …

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