Friday , June 18 2021

follow yellow arms movements in Indre-et-Loire

November 17 may be complicated on Touraine roads, due to a movement day especially against rising fuel. Find living main points and barriers to the department as well as traffic conditions.

In Tours

In Tours, pedestrian "yellow breeds" are displayed in the city center, in the square of Jean-Jaures Place. Around 70 people circulate at the town hall roundabout, crossing a pedestrian route. The prefecture is now afraid of the advent of cyclists.

According to a blue wire, the car is no longer inaccessible to vehicles at 14:30.

The Journey boundary is also affected. Traffic is improving steadily but filtering dams are still installed in Joué-lès-Tours to La Riche.

Richard left this very early morning by Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine. Failure to increase fuel fuel, but not only. "Here is the straw that breaks the back of the camel. But before the restriction to 80km, the increase in gas, insurance"says the protester.

A filter dam was established at the Grand Frais roundabout. The Saint Pierre-des-Corps crossroad is also a barrier target, which collected around 200 people this Saturday morning.

Displays also disrupt public transport. The tram was blocked half an hour this afternoon, but the traffic restarted. Fil Bleu announces the expectation of delays on the entire network. The traffic to follow live on the Touraine network website.

On the highway

Harassment continues on the A10 motorway. Traffic is extremely slow at Monnaie, where a dam has been installed. At 2:20 pm, there are 2km of traffic jams. Another blocking point. Protestants have installed a dam in Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, where a large barbecue has also arranged, filtering in both directions to traffic.

On the other hand, there is a barrier in the Renault Château doll booth, in both directions.

In the rest of the department

In a number of boroughs and departments, trucks have been installed. In Lodge, for example, the exhibitors occupy three roundabouts at the city entrance. The Super U, blocked, has reduced the curtain.

The situation goes down to Amboise, where some motorists have stopped forced the dam. The yellow uniforms attacked a car that was refusing to give her up and continue to ride among the exhibitors. The traffic is cut at the supermarket of the Leclerc supermarket.

At Saint Cyrus, the organization remains calm after tensions this morning between protesters and motorists: a man's vehicle was damaged after he had forced the barrier.

A Saint-Laurent-en-Gâtines, organized around a thirteen people of a dug. Two tractors joined the movement and blocked the traffic. In Chinon, the restrainers settled on the Leclerc and Renault roundabouts. in Azay-le-Rideau.

This Saturday morning, an accident was held at Nazelles-Négron. Taro car is a concrete syringe organized in the middle of the road, had hidden by boxes and made in a yellow dress. The driver is just a bit of injury.

The prefecture moved 120 gendarms in several points in the department and about fifty policing. At 10:30 am, according to the prefecture, there are around 1300 exhibitors in Indre-et-Loire.

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