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Fuel: movement day for "yellow breeds"

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Fuel: campaign day for

More than 1,500 deeds are planned by this organization across the territory on Saturday, November 17th. The protest against rising fuel prices has been scheduled since the beginning this morning.

They want to block France to hear. The "yellow privileges", the movement of citizens against rising fuel prices, reveals on Saturday, November 17 throughout France. Bad operations, dams, all methods are good to express their dissatisfaction.

VTC drivers to Bercy this morning carried the famous "yellow breeds" to protest. Part of the Paris roundabout has also stopped. Some prefectures were not welcome to remember some basic rules.

Emergency vehicles continue to be a priority and should not be obstructed in their sequence. In Saint-Etienne du Rouvray (Sine-Maritime), near Rouen, protesters completely ignored fire and traffic, santing anti-Macron slogans. The first changes have already taken place. In the Vaucluse, Avignon, some motorists were tired of barriers to the highway, early this morning.

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The movement of "yellow breeds" was born from the end of the installation of motorists in the face of rising fuel prices. A petition that collects 800,000 signatories has to sign. As a sign of rally or support, motorists were invited to put a yellow bug on their desktop.

This is the first national national event organized by this organization, which politicians have not yet regained. For the time being, movement is intensifying in Paris. "Only at the beginning, we will be at Bastille at 11am," warns Rachid, a VTC Paris driver interviewed by Bercy for 20 minutes.

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