Monday , June 14 2021

"Great animals: Grindelwald Offenses", European cinema focus 1

Our incredible specialist rooms offer you this weekend to enter the magical world of Fantastic Animals.

There will be magical fans again and very pleased to release the second part of the films assigned Great animals. The feature film directed by David Yates, in theaters since November 14, takes again the universe created by the novelist J. K. Rowling.

The second on a saga of five. Initially, that must be remembered Great animals Only a few pages, a small annex book of the big Harry Potter saga. In 2011, Warner and J. K. Rowling finished adapting all the wizard's adventures to movies, and they think how to continue to take advantage of the magic vein. Then, the studios have the idea to develop this final story. The first part of this saga was released two years ago. Result: four million viewers in France, 800 million dollars of recipe in the world. It was only the beginning since five films were planned, and this is two of them: Grindelwald Crimes.

Father Lachaise. We are 80 years old before Harry Potter was born. Grindelwald's dark wizard came from the prison and fled to Paris where he attacked muggles (people without magical powers, ed.) And he intends to control the world of wizard. Dumbledore, director of Ysgol Wows Hogwarts, played by Jude Law this time, asks that one of the alumni, Norbert Dragonneau (who is still camping by Eddie Redmayne) go after him . A great and dark adventure begins then, based on course on great animals but also views in the Père Lachaise cemetery.

According to J. K. Rowling, "the story is more complicated, dark, but the contacts with Harry Potter are becoming more visible." The universe will certainly speak to the supporters, but others may feel exempt a bit.

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