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Horoscope for November 27, 2020

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Born around April 6, Mars is in “your” Sun, and those born two or three days before or after are also sensitive to it (hence the 2nd Dean). Are you looking for fights, or is someone looking for you? Either way, you will have to attack or defend yourself, and that is not dated today. Would you be in the middle of a crisis with a partner? If you have not started a new business and it is growing very slowly. At the moment. Keep confident, it will accelerate.


Crossing your sign, the Moon activates the dissonance between Venus and Uranus, which is exactly this Friday. Plan, even today, that things will not turn out the way you want them to, and that some may not fulfill their obligations (1st Dean). 2nd Dean, you keep trying to act, you want to lead, but you don’t get anywhere. Your energies are not being used properly, you would like to be able to fight back sharply, you are watching the moment, not watching yourself.

The twins

1st Dean, the Sun is still standing in front of you from Sagittarius and can earn you an important exchange, over the phone or over the Internet with someone important to you, in some cases. If the two of you have no plans for the weekend. In any case, you may be surprised by the offer. The 2nd dean, who was born around June 7, has a small quarrel with a friend in the foreground, and you don’t know what to do to rectify the situation.


In principle, this is one of the most pleasant days of the week, especially for the 1st dean, who can be proud of himself. But this will not be the same song for the 2nd dean, and was especially born around July 8. You don’t seem ready to make a decision, such as a decision, and there is a real battle around that. The problem is that it continues and you start to tire it. Note that the economy will calm down around December 13. For you.


At work or with family, 1st Dean, don’t pay attention. I know it’s hard for you to feel like you’re “crushing” yourself, but believe me, it’s the best way to go through it; or choose to adapt to your queries, looking for the best way to get around them. Usually you know this little game pretty well. 2nd Dean, you have too much energy, you decide everything and you can be tiring for others!


This is also one of the best days of the week for you, especially the 1st dean. You will feel valued, capable of everything and, of course, the best. Usually you wonder if you have the right to do this or that, but today you will not care to do what you want. And you will be right, because you will have positive feedback from life. Some may have questions about a trip that can be canceled or postponed.


As I told you yesterday, a good surprise may come from your financial industry, but it can also be that there is something good for your partner or wife. Success, a contract that pays off, in any case it will be material. 2nd Dean, Mars is in front of you, and especially in front of those born around October 9 … Conflict divides you, it may not affect you directly, but maybe it’s what you’re afraid it won’t fall on you.


It is still not very easy, especially for the first two deans, ie those born before November 13. Some sophomores struggle for months to find work or not be too sensitive to the tensions that build up in their private or professional relationships. The end of hostilities around December 13, but then it will be the turn of the 3rd Dean, who, fortunately, will deprive Mars in January. It will be much faster and less painful.


Sometimes, like today, it’s hard for you to get to work, you’re hanging out, doing a thousand unnecessary things before, but when you’re focused on your tasks, nothing can distract you. It is also possible that you have some free time (RTT?) And you use it for cleaning, in the office or at home. You may have left some mail that has accumulated, it has accumulated and needs to be addressed; later you will have a clearer conscience.


You will be the most flirtatious, the most seductive today, and this is probably because you will be in the presence of someone with whom you would like to have fun. You like this person because she is not like the others (1st Dean), and if you try to move on, you may be pleasantly surprised by the result. Don’t let your fears and other complexes interfere with the formation of the relationship, you are in a phase of change, and this can only open the door for you.


The first dean may be a little shaken these days, while the second feels ready to fight someone who has been bothering him for months. Understand, this is not the first time I tell you, otherwise the link will eventually break. If that’s what you want, great, but if not, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to reconnect. The 3rd decade, an important meeting or interview with the employer can be in the program until next Tuesday.


Today we will look for your company, because you will release something attractive: tenderness, kindness, we will feel that you are really interested in others. Often you are there without being lost in your thoughts, but today you will be really close to those around you who may need presence or good advice. 1st dean, a fun meeting can change your mind, make you laugh …

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