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Journal of the way of life | Little beasts of the summer: decision to avoid bites and bites


What to do if you were stuck or bitten by one of the "little animals" of the summer? These are the details of the recommendations of the Red Cross and the Ministry of Health:

Tiger mosquito

Tiger bites of mosquitoes can transmit infectious diseases such as dengue, chikungunya or zits. If you are a victim of this insect, it is recognized by your black and white stings that are stinging during the day and you experience the following symptoms: high or moderate fever, fatigue, pain in the muscles or joints, headache, headache , consult without a doctor's delay.

To prevent this: a fan (he does not like the movement of air), a mosquito net in the interior of the house, perhaps impregnated with a repellant product, or a rather thin fence on the windows of his house. Externally spray repellents and lotions on the skin regularly, at least every 6 hours. At home, in the garden, all standing water, even the smallest, are eliminated.

To get rid of it: all adult mosquitoes that can not move more than 150 m from the hatchery should be killed by insecticidal spraying.

Mosquitoes: all ideas received

His bites are not dangerous, but so unpleasant … And it was wisdom that we do too much!

Turn off the light, you will attract mosquitoes!

It is wrong! The mosquito is not attracted by light, but by breathing, warmth and smell. If you feel that you are always a favorite of mosquito spoils, maybe that's true!

You draw his breath: breathing, a person produces carbon dioxide (CO2), which mosquitoes reveal at very large distances. Note that, unlike most species, the tiger mosquito is very insensitive to CO2.

You attract it with their smell: mosquitoes are extremely sensitive to odors and can detect almost 150 different issues from the human body. They primarily bite ankles or legs, where the most harmful bacteria.

You draw it with the heat that you release: mosquitoes like the smell of chemicals that release sweat and high body temperatures.

I use mosquitoes because I have sweet skin / blood

This is a mistake, contrary to popular belief. High levels of blood sugar do not attract mosquitoes. On the contrary, in your blood group, if: type O and type A more often involve mosquitoes than type B.

Bee, owl, drone and wormwood

In some people bites of the axis, bees, bumblebee or wormwood cause a toxic or allergic reaction (swelling, difficulty breathing, pain …). Need help for help. Waiting for our arrival, we take off the sting, scratching with a credit card, or using a pincet, but in this case we should not push too much, risking the release of more poison by sting, we remove jewelry (ring, bracelet, necklace, watch …) in case of swelling, disinfect with water and soap, then solution of antiseptics and apply a packet of ice.

If the sting is in the mouth or throat, call 15 or 112 without waiting for or heading to the emergency department. You can suck a cube of ice, lie down and raise your legs in the event of an allergic reaction.

To prevent this: cover food and drinks, do not wear too much perfume, wear clothes, avoid sharp movements, wear shoes even on the lawn …

Pixabay photo illustration
Pixabay photo illustration


The duck probably carries a variety of diseases, including Lyme disease. If you are caring (the head of the tick is under the skin), immediately remove it with a tick, then disinfect the site with an antiseptic. If, after a bite, a circular red circle is associated with a fever or a feeling of paralysis for a month after the bite, consult with no delay.

To prevent this: Covered in the forest and in the countryside. When walking, it is recommended to wear trousers, not shorts, to cover your hands and put closed shoes. When returning from a walk, it is strongly recommended to inspect his body and not forget about the scalp and the back of the ears. Little black beasts love to nest mainly in the folds of the skin, so check your armpits and folds of your knees.


Spiders present in France are harmless to humans, but the bite can lead to swelling, redness or allergic reaction: it depends mainly on the type of spider, its poison and the reaction of the immune system. a person has tasted Ice should be used in case of swelling or soothing cream, and the puncture should be monitored within the next 24 hours to ensure that the symptoms do not deteriorate.

To prevent this: they bite poison when they are threatened or amazed by a man. Therefore it is better not to interfere with them …

Viper, sea urchin, live, scorpion fish and grasshopper


Venom poison (different from snake) can cause pain and edema when bites, as well as digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory symptoms. In rare cases, the bite may be fatal. He leaves two small points corresponding to the reptiles of the caviar, surrounded by red halo.

If you're fond of it, it's 15 or 112 years old. Waiting for help, keep calm and remove everything that can tighten the bitten place (rings, watches, socks, shoes …). Disinfect the wound with antiseptic and disinfect the bitten limbs to slow the spread of the poison. Do not try to suck the poison, cut the wound or apply a tourniquet.


Their needles cause redness, inflammation and can sometimes cause an abscess. To avoid this, remove needles with tweezers, clean the wound with soap and water and disinfect.

Alive, scorpion fish, grasshopper

Often hidden in the sand or rocks of the beaches of southern France, the poison on their ridges causes very intense pain, which can cause discomfort. If possible, immerse the body in the warmest water without burning gently for at least 20 minutes or to relieve pain, then disinfect, let paracetamol reduce pain and seek urgent medical attention.

StockSnap Stock Illustration Pixabay
StockSnap Stock Illustration Pixabay

Medusa: Urine on the wound, it is useless

In some people, jellyfish bites cause an allergic reaction: in the face of any breathing or discomfort, call 15.

If you are a victim of jellyfish yarns, forget about the common belief that you need to put on a wound! Do not scrub, but rinse the wound with sea water (if possible, heat because it neutralizes the poison) for at least 30 seconds without rubbing.

Then cover with sand and allow to dry and remove this sand with a thin, hard object, such as a credit card, to remove stinging cells. Rinse again, apply antiseptic. Do not use fresh water, which, like urine, can break the remaining acute cells and release the poisonous contents again.

Note, finally, that the threads of the dead jellyfish retain their power.

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