Monday , August 2 2021

RHA is guilty of non-compliance with labor law

This is a new case that falls badly before the successive election of Pascal Pavageau on Wednesday … According to our information, FOJ was sentenced on November 16 by the Longjumeau Labor Court (Essonne) for failing to respect the law of the work. The union had already been dealing with justice in 2001, including overtime and unpaid leave. The number of drivers Marc Blondel, the charismatic manager of RG between 1989 and 2004, had complained against the confederation for "non-compliance with social legislation" and the union had to pay the & 39; owed.

The case at that time made a lot of noise. This time, not only is the overtime question, but misusing the autoentrepreneur's status has redistributed as a work contract and the departure of forced redundancies without any real and serious cause. The Confederation was ordered to pay more than 100,000 euros to one of former employees reminiscent of wages, compensation and interest included.

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Everything starts with the complaint introduced early in 2017 by Bernard Baillard, 65, a former police officer who became a CFMS coach, a power station training & training center where you are learning & # 39; r trade union profession. "There are 30 years of good and faithful services as a peacekeeper and forensic knowledge in Sine-Saint Denis, and thirty-five years of union engagement with DR including fourteen in CFMS as a coach", summarizing there.

"In 2003, my union, SGPolice-FO, received CFMS as an employee. In 2006, FO asked me to retire so that my home union could restore my girlfriend while continuing to work in the CFMS. In compensation, the confederation put me in cash close to € 600 per month so that with my pension I did not miss there compared to my previous salary. And I was doing the same number of hours as an employee. "

"I do not fear anything or anyone"

When the 2008 law on the transparency of the union accounts comes into force, "they have asked me, like a dozen other people, to remain here today in the CFMS, to declare that I am a self-employed entrepreneur while the Freedom of God has always said this status. This is the Confederation that set up my bills that made all the paperwork.

Suddenly, in early 2017, "I was disposed of in a militari hand of the training center following an accident at work". "Good demonstration of human resource management!" Ironically says, but the old copper is not a man to leave himself. "I have a kid to Aubervillers," said Bernard, who has goods & These strong characters are in prison, addressing the principles, including some trade union.

"I do not fear anything and no-one," he said, "happy" I learned Friday at the voice of his lawyer, Moreno-Frazak, that he had won his case, where there are names named internally. Initially Frédéric Souillot, appointed secretary secretary responsible for the organization by Pascal Pavageau. He is behind the departure of Bernard Baillard, who is considered abusive by the courts. Another personality was noted, Patrick Privat, current treasurer FO. In common: they were responsible for the CFMS.

Find dignity and honor

"It's been three years since they took me seriously and worried me. They're trying everything. Jean-Claude Mailly and even Pavageau who told me in July about the damage that could cause & # 39; this trial for the confederation, if it was known in the press, "said Bernard. His decision remained flawed and in the meantime Pascal Pavageau resigned.

"The judge has given my dignity and honor back," he said at the end of this "try" battle. "FO is not responsible, but some men that hurt the union", require this campaigner to worry about everyone who believes in a union. On Sunday afternoon he sent the four officers who made a "parliament" a letter to explain what happened. "The inconsistency of all these cases that plagues our deputies," it comes to the conclusion.

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