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Shady area in the market of sunblock


As a health problem, selling anti-UV products is violated by regulations that prohibit the use of certain chemical filters.

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On the beach of Palavas-le-Flotes, in southern France, June 28th.
On the beach of Palavas-le-Flotes, in southern France, June 28th. PASCAL GUYOT / AFP

To avoid sunburn is considered unattractive, the Chinese are covered with sunscreen every day. Brazilians, they love to flush their tan. Americans are the first consumers in the world, of which 32.7 million liters were sold in 2018.

During the first vacation on vacation, cosmetics sells off sunny days. In France, thanks to the burning weather, the market jumped 26% in hypermarkets in June, according to AC Nielsen. Near "70% of sales" tubes, bottles and sunscreen bottles implemented "From April to September"According to Pascal Fontaine, Commercial Director of Pharmacy Lafayette. Thus, in hypermarkets and pharmacies, a violent price battle. This contest would be a sign "The maturity of the French market"– says Alexander Kuttet, leader of the Eau Thermale Avène group.

However, despite the global warming, the French do not protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sun, health authorities say. The melanoma skin campaign – the most serious skin cancer – does not work. Women exhibit too much. Between 2010 and 2018, skin melanoma [le cancer] the number of diagnosed cases has increased most », said Gautier Defousset, a doctor responsible for the report of the National Public Health Agency of France, in the columns world, on the occasion of the publication of cancer data, July 2. Annually around the world 232,000 cases of malignant melanoma are reported, and according to the International Cancer Research Agency, the World Health Organization agency, 55,000 people were killed.

Parents Little children, of course, are very prone to the risk of sunburn. But among young people and adults, the attractiveness of golden skin makes forgetting all the rules imposed on small ones. Only 27% of French people avoid exposing themselves to sunny hours and 14.4% of the cream every two hours, according to France. Insufficient.

Multiplication of innovations

As a result, sales of solar products that protect the skin and reduce the risk of developing cancer progress. According to Euromonitor International, the market, estimated worldwide at EUR 9.1 billion, is growing by almost 4% a year. "This segment is floating, because the proportion of people who are sensitive to the need to protect themselves from the evil of the Sun, during the exhibition or every day is greatly increasing," says Latitia Tupe, General Director of La Roche-Posay International (L & # 39; Oréal).

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