Monday , July 26 2021

the favorite Valls and the LFI candidate in the second round

The mayor of Evry Francis Chouat, without a label supported by LREM, came first on Sunday in the first round of the legislative legislative division for the Manuel Valls headquarters in Essonne. Behind him is the applicant, Insoumise, who had taken politics in June 2017.

Two candidates divided the second round results of the same constituency on their twitter accounts: Francis Chouat receives 30% of the vote, Barida Amrani (LFI) 17.8%, Grégory Sillol (RN) 13.7%, Eva Sas (EELV) 10.5%, François Bayle (LR) 10.2%, Michel Nouaille (PCF) 8.4%, Mikaël Matingou (SE) 4.6%.

This vote must lead to the election of Manuel Valls' new advantage. The old prime minister resigned in October and announced his candidacy to the mayor of Barcelona, ​​leaving his seat vacant as a deputy in the first Essonne constituency.

Refuse 80%

According to the first estimate made after the closure of the office for 20 hours, only 17.96% of registered voters who moved to vote in the first round of the partial legislative in Essonne. 40.11% of voters had moved in June 2017. "I'm sorry that the high level of abstention" has tweeted the candidate LFI after publishing the first results.

According to information from in Paris Francis Chouat is in the first place in Villabé and Bondoufle, but the LFI candidate is in the first place in Corbeil-Essonnes. The Grégory Sillill National Rally candidate is good in the top three but does not reach the second round.

The right bracket of favorite Falls

This election will take place in the shadow of the former Matignon tenant, with the favorites of one of his loyal and unexpected opponents who has beaten the wire in the 2017 legislature. Francis Chouat, Mayor Matignon A historic man Evry and Manuel Valls & # 39; voted on a middle day in the town hall, and has been headteacher since 2012, according to his Twitter account.

His main competitor, Farida Amrani (France insubordinate), had lost only 139 votes against the former prime minister in June 2017. He voted at an office in Evry mid-morning, his team said.

The previous election was held in a tremendous atmosphere: Manuel Valls had claimed a "warrior" heart attack, "said," Insoumis, designating "hate campaign". Farida Amrani had filed a complaint about fraud, a complaint that had been dismissed from the end.

The second round game

Other candidates include Eva Sas for the Socialist Party and Ecology of Europe-the Green or Collegiate Michel Nouaille for the PCF and Generation (s). If they support Farida Amrani if ​​they qualify for the second round scheduled on November 25, the PS and EELV should remain on "ni-ni" gesture.

On the side of the Republicans, deputy mayor of Corbeil-Essonnes Jean-Francois Bayle was a candidate, without the support of his mayor Jean-Pierre Bechter, who has withdrawn his party to support Francis Chouat and a dam LFI candidate

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