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Alcohol can cause severe liver damage at a young age


Especially dangerous for the liver is boiling

It is known that high alcohol intake is not healthy. However, there are forms of alcohol consumption, which are especially dangerous. A spoken, known as alcoholic cleansing, which is especially popular among young adults, can lead to an early and severe liver injury, as the latest study shows.

Researchers from the California Medical Faculty and Sanford Medical School in South Dakota studied the prevalence of adult liver fatty liver disease in the United States between 2001 and 2016. aged 25 to 34 years. The reason for this is the team in the so-called "drinking", so the mass consumption of alcohol in a short period. The results were presented in the Jama Network magazine.

A group of young people toast in a nightclub
Of course, there are no objections to the glass of friends among friends. However, those who regularly use intoxication risk even at an early age in severe liver disease. (Image: Jacob Lund /

When can you talk about drinking?

Drinking beetles is a favorite drinking behavior among young adults who consume more or more alcohol within two hours. For women, the consumption of four or more alcoholic beverages is part of this behavior. According to current research, this type of alcohol consumption is particularly associated with an increased risk of cirrhosis, liver cancer and premature death – even at younger ages.

Why does high alcohol consumption cause liver disease?

The reason for this is that the heavy consumption of alcohol in a short time leads to an increase in fat content in the liver. From this, alcohol fatty liver can develop, which is a good basis for secondary diseases. These include, for example, inflammation of the liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Violation of the liver often remains unnoticed

The German liver helps to warn you about the strong use of alcohol. It is especially dangerous that the liver damage remains unnoticed for a long time, because the liver does not feel pain. Symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, susceptibility to infection, jaundice, swelling of the abdomen, difficulty concentrating attention, internal bleeding or renal insufficiency can in some cases indicate liver damage. In most people, however, the liver becomes noticeable only at the stage of cirrhosis.

The fatty liver can regenerate

The liver has amazing regenerative powers. Unless there are serious illnesses, fatty liver can be regressed. If the main cause of fatty liver is alcohol, consistent alcohol retention from six to twelve weeks can help re-adjust the liver, according to German liver help. In addition to alcohol, obesity and regular intake of some medications are a common cause of fatty liver disease. (Vb)


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