Friday , June 18 2021

Alpine skiing in live stream: Ladies' Slalom races in Levi on the Internet

"I've never felt this great nervousness, this inner tension," he told the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" the day before the first season slalom on Saturday (10.15 am / 1:15 pm / ARD), The

Shiffrin as a favorite in the World Cup in Levi

In Levi, Finland, Shiffrin is the favorite at the beginning after the only 23-year-old athlete in her career has already been a world champion three times, an Olympic champion and World Cup winner. But she wants to get rid of that.

"The burden of expectations has been broken, but I'm learning to ignore and enjoy the competition," he said. "If I still think of what everyone else expects, my performance is ruined and I get mad."

The 43-time World Cup winner wants to enjoy a better awareness, as he advised his tennis star, Roger Federer. He said, "I try to give myself a minute of rest before each race, appreciating why I have become a scholar."

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