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Carol Schuler and Anna Pierre Zurcher – How the tick “Tatort” tickles privately! – TV


They are like cats and dogs.

In the second case, on Sunday, it seems that the Swiss duo “Tatort” Ott (Carol Schuler, 34) and Grangian (Anna Pierre Zurcher, 42) will no longer work together.

But behind the scenes it looks different. The two actresses are friends there – and the episodes are already scheduled for 2024.

The Schoggilänke case first investigates the murder of a chocolate maker who was not only shot but also killed in his villa in Zurich. They are in mortal danger during the investigation. When the suspect threatens Grange with a gun during the chase, Ott cannot shoot the attacker. This provides a further explosion in the team, which is primarily rivalry and tension.

Opposing investigators Otto (Schuler, r.) And Jerangiana (Zurcher) often irritate each other

Opposing investigators Otto (Schuler, r.) And Jerangiana (Zurcher) often irritate each otherPhoto: ARD Degeto / SRF / Sava Glavachek

However, when the camera is turned off, you do not notice it.

“Not only can we work very well together, but we also became friends very quickly. Sometimes we call every two days, and I’ve already visited Carol in Berlin, ”says Anna Pieri Zuercher, who lives with her family in Lausanne, to BILD am SONNTAG.

He and Carol Schuler did not know each other before the filming. “We first met at the casting, and it was love at first sight,” she says, explaining: “Carol is a real and very direct person who says what she thinks. She also has a lot of humor and she is a very good singer. “

The actress likes to prove it during breaks. Zurcher: “She always manages to make everyone laugh very quickly. And this is a real jukebox. All you have to do is name the song and it will sing. “

Carol Schuler and Anna Pierre Zurcher: How Tatort Ticks Privately
Photo: BILD

But Zurcher (her father was German-Swiss, her mother – Italian) speaks four languages. She speaks German in “Tatort” – and at home? Zurcher: “My husband comes from the Italian part of Switzerland and speaks Italian. So now I always speak French or Italian with my family. And if our nine-year-old son doesn’t have to understand us, we speak English. “

We hope that they will continue to be understood in “Tatort”.

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