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Drama for Jens Büchner: Closing confidential reports – DAS came to Jens to hospital bed – Panorama

Jens Büchner's cuddy emigrant is in a serious crisis. Jens Buchner who is currently based at the University Hospital of Palma. For days, the news that the 49-year-old is very bad.

Jens Büchner became famous for his participation in the Vox show "Goodbye Deutschland". In our news blog, we update you on every development.

Saturday, November 17, 10:55 am:

The sympathy does not stop. On Instagram, the "Goodbye Germany" team shared an emotional post. "Always in your minds, friends, acquaintances, companions, fans contribute to Jens's health #mallejens #goodbyedeutschland #ohnedichistdoof"

The team shares pictures and posts with friends. Among others: Frank Fussbroich, Prince Alexander von Anhalt or Gina-Lisa Lohfink.

Saturday, November 17, 10:00 am:

She is one of the most successful party organizers in Mallorca: Marion & Krümel & # 39; Pfaff. At Peguera he runs the restaurant "Krümels Stadel". also Jens Buchner often happen here. Both have known each other for years.

At Focus Online, Krümel is now reporting of the latest appearances of Malle-Jens: "He tried to argue in his performances, but the audience has noticed that he is not healthy. Otherwise, he was always It seems so easy to play, but now you could see it being scandalous and feeling sick. "

Krümel made an agreement with Büchner

Then she got the deal with her Jens Buchner have met, once to give up the best appearances. Until it's better yet. The current situation affects Crumbs: "That's very bad." I think he has never heard the signs of his body. I think it would have had to change back, much earlier, not just one but ten gear. I hope he'll have another chance to start a new one. "

Friday, November 16, 6:30 pm:

Now Jennifer Matthias (31), former Welsh girlfriend Jens Buchner and mother of their son Leon (8) on Facebook on the condition of the TV star and Mallorca singer.

Jens Büchner's former girlfriend speaks

What she's over Jens Buchnersays Jenny Matthias in a long position on her side.

And further: "This is not a movie for all of us! My son will lose his father and another 4 children too! It's just an absolute hell what's happening here!"


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Jennifer Matthias was twice in hospital with Jens Büchner

In the job, Jenny also writes where she gets the information Jens BuchnerIn a health condition: "I got to hospital twice, I wanted it and it was a matter for me from a course. Why did it all after all that did all? Because we have a son together! Because, despite everything, we had a life with us for 5 years and I'm not a monster either. It's NOT worth what it's going through! no matter what he did and what he did … "

+++ "Fun of Germany" on Vox: Jens Büchner fighting for his life – Mrs. Daniela shares photo of hospital +++

Doctors spotted lung shadows

So be with them Jens Buchner Five years ago, lung shade was found. The reason was too stressful. Buchner At the time, I'm probably trying to slow down a bit. It's probably not really working.

+++ "Fun of Germany" on Vox: Major concerns about Malle-Jens – Büchner fears his life +++

Although one is now a similar disease, Jennifer Matthias did not reveal. We just hope we will Jens Buchner even now, control berbeleln.

Thursday, November 15, 12:30 pm:

Daniel Büchner, wife of Jens Büchner, commented on her Instagram page on her husband's health. "Jens's health is crucial. Doctors try their human potential. In the nearest family circle, we are at your side."

In addition, the 40-year-old posted a hospital bed. You can see your entire statement and this image.

Tuesday, November 13, 19:30:

An awful night came to Jens Büchner to hospital. In the VOX "Goodbye Deutschland" program, Daniela Büchner reports on the stress she needs to suffer from Jens' husband. "He had a stomach for weeks, his arm hurts and, at some point, came the night when he was in a very poor condition, but he was breaking and he was in pain everywhere."

Jens Büchner had a stomach ulcer. Only pills let him keep on. It was a warning blow. Now Malle-Jens was in hospital again. How it came, you can read here.

Here's Jens Buchner:

Jens Büchner emigrated to Mallorca in 2010 with the girlfriend Jennifer Matthias afterwards. With the Vox show, "Goodbye Deutschland", which broadcast the first episode with Büchner in 2011.

In 2013, the separation of Jens Büchner and Jennifer Matthias was followed. He kept the store "Store & More" in Mallorca and caring for his son Leon.

Convert to star hit

Büchner's life, on the other hand, came to lawn due to the cut. He took a number of jobs, such as kitchen, vendor, restaurant manager or hotel hotel. Büchner was only a new vocation as a pop singer. In 2014, he recorded his first song "broke but sexy".

Slowly, the old Pannen emigrant became popular pop party singer. Büchner then moved to the RTL jungle camp in 2016 – and spent the career rocket. From then on, Büchner performed songs throughout the world that spoke German, graduated hundreds of performances a year.

And in love Jens was fortunate again. In 2015, directed by Daniela Karabas. He moved with three children to Jens Büchner on the island and lived there with him in a farm. In 2016 they had twins, in the summer of 2017 the marriage followed.

Jens Büchner took over

In the summer, Jens and Daniela Büchner took part in the RTL show "The Summer House of the Stars". During this summer, they have also opened their "Faneteria" in Mallorca, a restaurant that Büchner fans should wear.

The project went well, but it was asking for everything from the family. "It came to us very much, yes. But it has also ruined our health almost," Büchner said recently in "Goodbye Germany". The "Faneteria" was closed early.

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