Monday , August 2 2021

First oral therapy of sleeping illness

What's so special about Fexinidazole?

Fexinidazole is available as 600 mg tablets. Even six-year-olds and body weight of at least 20 kilograms receive fexinidazole.

Chemically, fexinidazole is nitroimidazole. It produces reactive amines, which in turn are indirectly toxic and mutagenic on trypanosomes. Fssinidazol is taken orally once a day and over a ten-day period.

The special: fexinidazole Winthrop is one oral therapy and also noted for both stages of the HAT and can be used both therapeutic in both hemorrymphatic and second first meningoencealytic stages when the HAT has infected Trypanosoma brucei gambiense owed. In the second phase of the disease, parasites have crossed the blood barrier that causes neurosuriatric symptoms.

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