Sunday , January 24 2021

Fulda: A dead child in the canal, probably missing two years of age

BAccording to initial police findings, the body of a child found in a sewer in Fulda is most likely two-year-old Timnit, who has been missing since Monday evening. A final identification message is still pending, police said Wednesday morning. The investigation into the cause of death continued.

According to preliminary investigations, the girl left her parents’ apartment unnoticed. The exact circumstances are still unclear. Winter temperatures prevailed in Fulda at night and snow in the morning in the city of Eastern Hesia. The extensive search for the girl has already begun on Monday evening. Special divers finally found the baby’s body in the canal on Tuesday afternoon.

How the girl got there is still unclear. Police fenced off the area around the site for further investigation. Investigators are also investigating how the girl disappeared from the apartment. Details about this and the girl’s family background were not disclosed at first.

Divers found the body

During the great search, thermal imagers and a dog squadron were used, among others. A drone with a thermal imaging camera was also used. Finally, the girl was found by specially trained divers from the German Society for Life Saving (DLRG), the so-called lifeguards.

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