Saturday , July 31 2021

Hertha: The Senedd demanded 15 million euros to rent for the Olympic Stadium – Bundesliga

Hertha is hiding again. At least when it comes to building the new stadium.

The "Hertha im Dialog" event rarely has been as agreeable as Monday. This time everything was about a new Hertha Stadium, which should be finished in 2025.

Klaus Teichert (64), managing director of "Hertha BSC Stadion GmbH" explained the timetable for building around 200 supporters.

► The topics of location, function, structure (ie structure, use of stadium facilities) are made by Teichert.

► Funding is also based on Teichert. Hertha launched a last 40 million euro bond to pay KKR and aufbübschen investor for new investors. Teichert said: "We will not have a higher burden than before. It is not more expensive than if we were staying in the Olympic Stadium with more expensive rent."

According to BILD information, Senedd Hertha required an annual rent of 15 million euros if Berlin would continue to play in a rebuilt after the 2025 Olympic Stadium. For Hertha one more debate about a new building.

From now on bring thicker boards.

► By the end of the year, Hertha wants to make clear progress on the future of the neighborhood's stadium. It is about protecting noise and similar topics.

► From 2019 Teichert will deal with a leasehold contract with the Berlin State. So Hertha will not be able to buy land for the arena, but will pay a lease for the area.

► In 2020, Berliners want to bring drafts for the final architecture of the arena. For the best, Herthaner wants to decide in the second quarter of 2021.

► At the beginning of 2022, construction will begin from the end.

► Open: After three years, Hertha hopes to be able to play in their own stadium from 25 July 2025 onwards.

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