Thursday , April 15 2021

Jens Büchner in a clinic – a woman describes "terrible situation"

Great concern about the majors Majorca Jens Büchner (49). It is assumed that the pre-jungle camp had been "received in crisis" again at a clinic in Mallorca, where it has been several times in recent weeks. His wife Danni has now reported the hospital and not only worries about the health of Jens, but has also made a clear announcement to her critics.

According to our "after crisis" information, the pre-jungle camp was again admitted to a clinic in Majorca, where he visited several times in recent weeks.

This is also confirmed by his wife Daniela: "His condition is essential. Doctors try their human potential. We are on his side with the nearest family circle."

At the moment it is not known what the television emigrant is ill.

Jens Büchner has been injured for some time

Jens Büchner was only spoken on Monday in the document "Immorth Germany" for a month and a half ago for her ill health.

In particular, last weeks with the stress in her "Faneteria" in Mallorca have not left their mark at the age of 49.

Only with poisonous drugs and many adrenaline, Jens managed to survive the day, as he himself said. But it did not help anything. At some point, the pair of migrants grew upside down – they stopped their own restaurant before the end of the official season.

On Wednesday, Danni spoke again through Instagram in his story and talked about a "terrible situation".

Obviously, the wife is very concerned about the situation around her husband. Understandable

This article was written by Bernd Peters

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