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Jens Büchner: That's how the star of the jungle recalls a lost Vox star

Enjoyment for Jens Büchner: "Laughter with Me in May": Pre-jungle camps recall Vox-Star

A great sadness to Jens Büchner. As he confirmed his control, the Vox star died on Saturday at 49 years of lung cancer. As well as his participation in "Goodbye Germany", he became known last year as he had access to the RTL jungle camp audience even more. Former candidates are reminiscent of the most well-known and most polarized emigrants in Germany.

Micaela Schäfer, Jungle Camp fourth of sixth season, a few months ago with Büchner and Danni's wife by RTL "summer house". "This message was really surprised," said the model to VIP News. "Last time, I had a Sexy Cora experience, with whom I also worked with each other in reality format and I can not believe that such a thing has actually happened." Schäfer continues: "Just in May, Jens and I laugh with each other, argue and get wild but in a seamless time."

In the RTL show it was "Jens Jens only – with all circles, corners and edges." Although they are very tired, but: "But that was Jens who did that." Above all, Micaela will lose her sayings. "I want Daniela, her children and close friends and relatives to have a lot of strength to treat the pain, a terrible situation that no one wants, my desires."

Loth Squad left television in 2017 after Büchner out of the bus show. Through Instagram, she said to her colleague at the camp: "I'm not talking tonight, the rest in peace, my friend Jens, I'm very sad."

Mark Terenzi, Bungner's Jungle Camp King, added Marc Terenzi, also on his Instagram channel for the sudden death of Jens, shared with his supporters: "I'm annoying! I can not believe it You will never forget you ".

"Jens has moved people"

A show shows the Ricky Harris star fighting its way through the Australian bush two years ago, as a party singer, he is one of Büchner's music colleagues in Ballermann. When FOCUS Online Harris arrived on the phone on Sunday, it was very bad: "I'm very sad and I can not believe it. Especially for her children, the situation must be I can not imagine how they are currently feeling, for all, the world must break down. Jens was only 49 years old, you do not expect that. It's incredible and tragic. "

So many celebrities, Majorca colleagues and especially TV fans share Jens's fate, explains Ricky so that the Vox star has always polarolled. "Either you loved him or you hate him. You could sit on board with 50 Büchner opponents and talk about Jens through the night. Anyone who has followed The ride in recent years knows his name. Jens certainly made mistakes in front of the camera, but he managed to get people moving positively or negatively. " Ricky now wishes Büchner survivors "a lot of strength and enough time to process what happened." His father thinks, especially the children of Jens.

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