Friday , September 17 2021

Mysterious radio signals from the depths of space were discovered – R.T.

The image of the European Southern Observatory shows an artistic impression of the supernova and its gamma radiation controlled by a rapidly rotating neutron star with a very strong magnetic field known as a magnet.

A very clear, repeating radio signal from billions of light years – the second of its kind ever written: Scientists believe that signals of this kind are more frequent than previously thought.

The signal is a quick radio or fast radio (FRB). The new source is another of only 60 (individual) such mysterious signal sources that have ever been discovered in the last 13 years. The feature is the repetition of these truly unique intense pulses or glitter millisecond, indicating the temptingly mysterious origins of these signals. Scientists from the Canadian Hydrometeorological Intensity Experiment (CHIME) were able to position their position about 1.5 billion light years from Earth for six repetitions.

Similarly, as the first source of transmission was repeated by the FRB, which was discovered in 2012, CHIME excludes the possibility that spikes arise from "catastrophic events". Six explosions from exactly the same place, but lasting for several months could not escape from the same explosive star. And the existence of the second signaling sequence means that the discovery of 2012 was not a coincidence or measurement error. Something produces these repeating radio pulses, and it is clearly fixed for long periods of time.

"With more signal sequences and more sources available for research, we can understand these cosmic puzzles – where they originate and what causes them," said astrophysicist from the University of British Columbia, Ingrid Stahid.

Will we ever know what it is

Including the signal sequence, CHIME has registered 13 new FRBs for two months. Seven of them were detected at the lowest frequency ever measured, indicating that even more of them could be detected even at lower frequencies.

The FRB gives researchers an indication of what substance contains huge and seemingly empty spaces between galaxies. Whatever the radiation of explosions, this interaction will affect these radio waves and can be "decoded" after receiving a radio telescope. CHIME scans the entire northern hemisphere every day and is expected to consume dozens of FRB per month at full capacity.

In 2017, Harvard University scientists wrote an article in which they argued that impulses could be generated using a huge radio transmitter built for powering spacecraft. Recently, the authors of this article again noted that the interstellar Oumuamua, which struck astronomers with its unusual transit through our solar system, resembled light alien sails.

But, according to Shireas Tendulkar of CHIME, it is more likely that signals can come from a "very strongly magnetized, fast rotating neutron star, millisecond magnate." For a normal and multiple "departure" of the Federal Reserve there is no scientifically substantiated theoretical explanation.

"It's too early to speak for sure," he explained.

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