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NFL Game Report: Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Package

Seattle Seahawks keeps their play hoping live with a 27-2 win over the Green Bay Packers. Russell Wilson finally put Seattle into the game with a path to Ed Dickson. The Packenger Coach, Mike McCarthy then decided to make a lot of debate next week.

The Seahawks went to the game with great expectations and he just started because they had not imagined. With the first game of the game, Chris Carson filtered and invited the Packers, who needed a serious victory like the forces, in a dream scene for the first exchanges of Aaron Jones. After being surprised, the Seahawks went on and forth at the same time. And while the guest continues to work at the beginning of a dream.

Click the Crime of the Package great on the first drive. This was precisely the correct Rodgers and his contact with Davante Adams. Mason Crosby's field goal misleading missed that the Packers did not scrap on their first three drives. Because when the Seahawks Defense broke the Pack in the third-hand package on the third drive, Rodgers moved off, once again improvised and found a player only in the tight end Robert Tonyan wants to catch her first NFL and a touchdown yard.

He did not leave Seattle until the second quarter, when he came to gambling gaps in Secondary Packages. Thanks to a valuable PPS penalty against Green Bay, they took the lead soon. However, Jones had three passes for 63 yards and the touchdown was canceled when Green Bay took place in the second half.

Here are the protective lines that won their hands in the Trenches. Frank Clark and Kyler Fackrell now play for play and give a busy day for the Puntern. In the last quarter, Wilson (21/31, 225 YDS, 2 TD) was more than Rodgers (21/30, 332 YDS, 2 TD) to play a strong pass and play player Seahawks Sports Turn the Blitz Package late in the fourth quarter leading. Then, McCarthy did not trust his offense on 4th and 2nd and throw the decision despite the first time to stop the white flag.

Seahawks are improving their record to 5-5 and keep their play hope alive. Next week, in the game away in Carolina, you'll meet another direct competitor in the race card space. The Packers, on the other hand, face another tour thanks to Minnesota, where they endanger losing their seventh consecutive game.

Seahawks Vs. Package – the most important statistics

Seattle Seahawks (5-5) – Green Bay Packers (4-5-1) 27:24 (3:14, 14: 7, 0: 0, 10: 3) Boxscore

  • Russell Wilson has succeeded in the 21st Quarter Quarter or Best Game Overtime since 2012. However, only Matthew Stafford is putting it forward in that period, which comes to 26 & 39 such.
  • Chris Carson ran for 83 skinned yards and touches. However, it was flaming at the beginning of the game. That's the second Fumble Carsons that included his only college career.
  • Davante Adams started at 10 receptiones for 166 yards. There is now only 47 yards for its first 1,000-yard season ever.
  • With the defeat in the Seahawks, the Packers not only lose their sixth consecutive game, they continue for more than 10 years without a victory in Seattle. Since the victory on 12.10.2008 there were now four against the Seahawks. And in games away it will not be easier. Two Green Bay voyages go to Minnesota and Chicago.
  • For the seventh consecutive time, the Seahawks have been running for at least 150 yards. Here is the thirdestest series in the last 40 years.
  • Packers linebacker, Kyler Fackrell, has made the best career game and has collected 3 sacks. He succeeded in winning the game against Buffalo for the second time this year, bringing the general product to 8. In the last year of 2016, only 2 and in the previous year had a total of 3 sacks.

Star of the game: Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

For Russell Wilson, after a very tasty game, another 4th Quarter comes back in the books. The 29-year-olds had some inaccuracies during the first half, including a simple attempt to transfer expensive costs on Doug Baldwin in the dedicated zone, where he was very curious about his favorite recipient. However, Wilson resettled and again demonstrated why he was one of the quarter quarters of the best play and the alliance play. So he discovered his rhythm and self-confidence to go back to his best in the fourth quarter. Here too, she gets a lot of money for great leaflets in the hands of David Moore and Tyler Lockett, where he has even left the tighter coverage of no chance and finally decided the game with an accurate flash and fast-paced game i Ed Dickson.

The Flop of the Game: Mike McCarthy (Chief Coach, Green Bay Packers)

You can discuss playing the Pack. Once again, Green Bay was focusing heavily on the passing game, leaving Aaron Jones running eleven times even though he was responsible for a long stretch of the game. In addition, the League Offensive Co-ordinators have received very little once again, which leads to considerations to include Packers Plays in their own playbook. The wrong decision, which could have costed the Pack to the game but was to call the coach on the pitch when they stood with 4:20 minutes remaining and that there was a time left in 4th and 2nd A decision that will not only lead to further points for Aaron Rodgers.

Seahawks Vs. Analysis Packers: The Tactics Board

  • Seahawks have committed themselves to the Run Game and that did not change against the Pack either. Seattle offered early and often and dropped too much in the run on stuffed boxes. If it was not for the packs' ongoing tackling problems, which were once again shown at Penny's 30-yard Rashaad in the first quarter, players would not meet much in favor of just a little in favor.
  • Without any positive side effects, the approach was not from the middle of the second quarter. Now Seattle sent two-tight sets on the pitch to play out of it. Notifiable, however, was the fact that Seattle played the Play Action heavy formations and runs, for example, if you wanted to remove the protection of the Package with Bunch Forms. This had a positive effect on both style devices.
  • As Green Bay has fired out of respect for the Seattle Run Game less often than in recent weeks, Wilson had too much time to find a receiver. Play Action had been a great success, and Seattle hit its second touch drive as well as on every second play.
  • On the other hand, Green Bay did not take less pleasure in the running game normally, and that did not change either, as he failed against Seahawks Front Seven. The Packagers kept one of their recipients in Motion, but they were always heavy forms, and they did not help against Seattle because, among other things, the Seahawks lineers dominated their condolences.

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