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Saturn rents the second smartphone for free


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is available in the German market for almost four months. Meanwhile, the price for the best smartphone has fallen massively. GIGA Editor Peter looked at the history of mobile phone prices and told where you get the most popular smartphone at a low level.

Samsung Galaxy S10 falls in price: Saturn lays a second smartphone for free

Samsung Galaxy S10: More than 300 euros cheaper

Update as of June 30, 2019: Saturn's VAT campaign has expired, but there is already a new deal with the Samsung Galaxy S10. You get a phone while, but Saturn puts it. It currently costs 150 euros. This way, you get the Galaxy S10 effectively for 550 euros. Compared to the price of 629 euros.

Here's how it works:

  • The price of Samsung Galaxy A20e will be deducted, so you rent at the level of 699.99 euros (including delivery at 1.99 euros).

To Action on Saturn

Original article:

Smartphones Samsung are more expensive each year. But that does not matter, because price cuts are offset by growth. If you purchased the Samsung Galaxy S10 at the start of the market at a price of 899 euros, you may be angry now. Since entering the market on March 8, 2019, the price of the Galaxy S10 in Germany has fallen for exactly three months from 899 euro to today about 600 euros.

Under the current action with MediaMarkt below 600 euros. This is not displayed correctly in the top graph, since the discount is deducted only in the shopping cart.

Offer to MediaMarkt

Samsung Galaxy S10: What makes a smartphone so special?

Samsung Galaxy S10 is a good price / quality ratio. Compared to its predecessor, there was no slimming in the equipment so much if the model plus was used. The S10 also has a triple camera with a new wide-angle camera, it received the same design with almost no boundaries, also has a large battery and can charge other smartphones or gadgets wirelessly. It is also very light and comfortable in hand. The new camera convinces us in our camera test, as you can see below:

Samsung Galaxy S10 in Test Camera: step in the right direction.

Samsung Galaxy S10 puts itself between Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e. We checked all versions:

Samsung Galaxy S10: Should one strike now?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 in the meantime experienced the biggest drop in prices. Now it's just a small step and a special action down. That's why you should buy now for those who were waiting to do this until the best price is reached. Under 600 euros is a very good price for this smartphone. By the end of the year, the price should continue to fall. For the Christmas business we could scratch a mark of 500 euros. Only with the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S11 in February 2020, the price is likely to fall in the range of 400.

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