Sunday , January 24 2021

Trailer story with Jonesy and Zero Point

The new trailer for Season 5 of Fortnite goes online and gives you a first idea of ​​what’s going on in the new Season 5, in Chapter 2! Does not allow the island to fall into complete chaos.

What’s happening at Fortnite now? After the players fought Galactus live, the servers did not work for several hours. Now on the morning of December 2, there is another server to install the season update. But now is the first trailer of season 5.

What does the trailer show? Epic Games has posted on YouTube a story trailer that shows what players expect in season 5. It seems that this will start exactly where the live event ended yesterday.

Here you can see the full trailer of the season 5 story in section 2:

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The first trailer of season 5 was published by Epic on YouTube. Here you can see what happened after the battle against Galactus

You’ve seen Fortnite’s protagonist, “Jonesy,” who calls after waking up in the office. Chaos seems to be exploding everywhere. After Galactus wanted to devour the Zero Point, he remained in the world of Fortnit, although in reality it should be safely removed.

You first saw “Zero Point” in season 10 after the battle between the giants caused the energy ball to float in the middle of the map.

The woman on the phone instructs Jonesy to stop Zero Point again and save the island before it turns into complete chaos. Jonesy manages to “lay” the Zero Point again, but he reaches out and finds himself in another dimension – is this the island we know?

Is this the same island that has been with us for 4 seasons?

It remains fascinating to watch what awaits us. Players must wait a little longer for the servers to become available again. If you want to look at the Battle Pass of season 5, you should look at the first clues, because there have already been shown 3 skins.

In addition, Fortnite has released a trailer for the season 5 Battle Pass. Here you can see cool skins, such as Mando with Baby Yoda or pancake-cowboy. Which of the new skins do you like the most and why?

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