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Woman "Hartz 4" provokes a rude statement: now she receives a receipt – Panorama


Recipient "Hartz 4" provokes an outspoken expression: Then it receives a receipt

The "Hartz 4" recipient of Peter caused a shock of horror. Now she has to live with consequences.

Photo: Screenshot / RTL2

Remains, dirty dishes, uncertain spots on the floor. It looked like a kitchenHartz 4– Got Peter, Marcus and their two daughters in the Benz Barracks in Mannheim in the first season of "Hartz und Herzlich" (RTL2).

In the current season, he praised "Hartz 4"Improving the recipient. The couple got a baby, does her youngest daughter Francesca (6 months) give her a new impetus?

"Hartz 4" receiver Peter and Markus think

When it comes to a household, it almost looks like this. "I wanted to show people that I can do it differently. What my apartment is clean. What can I do when I feel it, says a 29-year-old girl in the cell. She is clearly proud.

Indeed: the kitchen is clean, nothing is worth it, the refrigerator is full. All rooms in the apartment are neat – except nursery.


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Chaos and scattered walls in the nursery

Around a scooter, backpacks, stuffed animals, puzzle pieces. Lucia just does not want to clean.

The gypsum also breaks in the kennel from the walls, and Peter and Markus open the holes in the wall. Confusion spreads.


This is "Hartz and Herzlich"

  • "Hartz and Herzlich" is a social report
  • The series will be played on RTL2
  • Each season, responsible persons apply to the settlement
  • Sometimes in the Ben's Palace in Mannheim, sometimes in prefabricated buildings of Bitterfeld-Wolfen
  • A railway settlement in Duisburg is often a place for the program
  • There are still eight seasons of the RTL2 series


"Just sitting at home" as a way of life

It was a year ago. At that time, Peter could hardly imagine anything better than living for Hartz 4. What did you like? "So that you could just sit at home and money do not pay me anything every month, nothing comes to your account. And there are no deductions … ", she said in an interview.

Shitstorm for a provocative statement

This gave a stormy shitstorm in social media a year ago. With comments on hate, a 29-year-old boy could not behave well. Her voice is broken when she says: "I had so many people who attacked me. I thought people just ask why it was.

+++ Family Hartz-4 lives in miserable conditions – then their world is completely destroyed +++

Her partner, Marcus, made it easy. – I almost did not think that this reaction will come. There were positive and negative ones. No matter what. "

+++ The receiver "Hartz 4" is triggered with the ratio: This statement is really small + +

They more or less recovered from shock – they have not yet found a job. Perhaps daughter Francesca can start her in the future. (Vh)

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