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A flurry of arrests in Artemis for theft of tourists


Barracks arrested in Artemis for theft of tourists - Harbor port in the area

Reportage: Sotiris Skludis

Many recent cases of theft in the area of ​​Artemis, and the police and port were arrested last week.

In particular, on Wednesday, 09-07-2019, the Zeus team brought three Pakistani citizens (1 juvenile, 2 adults) to the Rafin's Central Port (1 juvenile, 2 adults), which were offered to minors on the Artemis Beach in sand dunes between the albatross cafes of archaeological excavations as criminals of theft of mobile phones and other items.

In addition, after concerted actions by the secretary of the Security Service of the Rafin port in the wider area of ​​the Artemis Beach, two Albanian Albanians, Artemis, were arrested in the evenings after the exploitation of information, in the possession of which a part of the robbery was seized and seized.

Around 3:30 from the preliminary survey, a third Albanian cousin of one of two, who was after the case at 3:30 am on 10-07-2019 was found on the beach and was arrested, at the same time, the place where it was discovered robbery, where others were found.

The case was filed against three Pakistanis for stealing articles 372 and beyond. together, and for the Albanians for theft together. Scams must be attributed to their owners. Investigations were also conducted in houses of the Albanians, where a small amount of cannabis was found in his house.

Two gangs are different. Two Pakistanis will be deported to the area for foreigners. Everyone is also involved in other thefts in an area that attracts young people because theft of juvenile offenders at a point below the pine was reported last month.

It is noted that this year the Coast Guard took over the protection of the seaside and the beach, but it is not reinforced by personnel. According to zougla.gr, Rafin was not promoted, despite promises made after the tragic events at Mati.

In particular, in the security sector, which protects the administration of the Rafin port, there are only those people who call to cover the territory from the Gramatco marathon to Vravrona Artemis and Porto Rafti, and, of course, the harbor …

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