Friday , July 30 2021

Close to the murderers of the journalist Malta, authorities and the country Plus: International

The report does not reveal their names, but according to high-grade officials who are leading the survey and indicated by the newspaper, research "is at a very advanced stage." There was no direct comment from the police regarding the announcement.

The sources stated in The Sunday Times of Malta did not indicate any indication of the size the investigation could take or whether there were new arrests in the case.

Carouana Galicia, who wrote on a map on anti-pollution issues, was killed by a bomb in her car near the capital of Malta, Valletta, in October 2017.

Three suspects of slaughter have arrested for almost a year. They declare themselves innocent.

The motivation for the murder remains unknown, while the Sunday Times report states that the researchers believe that the murder's brain has different incentives and has worked together in determining the death contract to # 39; The three men were accused.

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