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His health problems and a suspension for chemotherapy


Recently, Antinos Albinas hit his online followers when Instagram brought the first shot with a shaved head. Many thought that the actor changed his mind about a new role in the theater.

But this is not the case, since, according to the exclusive information of Usaya, the problem was healthy, which made the actor make this radical change.


Antinos Albanis even wanted a story in which he surprised his followers to share the adventures in which he had been in the last few months.

The publication on Wednesday night, as a rule, was written: "Concerned: Of course. Bone pain: Yes. Loss of taste: oh so. But I am a ninja chemotherapy.

According to Usay, the theatrical cycle shows that over the past few months, Antinos Albanis has been subjected to a chemotherapy cycle to fight malignant neoplasms.

According to the same sources, this is why his favorite actor shaved his head, as his chemotherapy forced him to lose his hair.

What the people who work together with Antino Albania at that time know that everything goes well with their health and everything seems to be an adventure that the actor will soon leave behind.

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