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Improved camera translation service


Google Translator allows you to explore unknown areas, communicate in different languages, and create contacts that would otherwise not be possible. One of my favorite features in Google Translate on mobile phones is the direct translation of the camera, which allows you to "read" the world into your native language by simply focusing the camera in a foreign language. This is an "intuitive" way of understanding where you are and literally turning your hands around when traveling abroad, as it works even if you are not connected to Wi-Fi or use the Internet over a mobile network. Today we launch new updates for this service, so it's even more useful when you need it.

Of 88 languages ​​now translated into more than 100

Direct translation from the camera now supports 60 other languages, such as Arabic, Hindi, Thai and Vietnamese.

Even more exciting is the fact that while you previously had the ability to translate only English into other languages, and vice versa, you can now translate from and into all 100+ languages ​​supported by Google Translate. This means that you can now translate from Arabic to French or from Japanese to Chinese and so on.

Automatically scan the language

When traveling abroad, especially in places where several languages ​​are spoken, it may be difficult to determine the language of the text that he wants to translate. We also took care of this, as in the new version of the program, you can simply select "Define language" to find this language, and then translate it automatically for translation. Let's say, for example, that you go to South America, where both Portuguese and Spanish speak, and you are confronted with a sign that you are not sure what language is written. Instead of trying to guess, Translator can now identify the language and translate the tag text into your chosen language.

Best translations through neural machine translations

For the first time, straight translations of the camera include the technology of neuromechanical translation (NMT). NMT produces more accurate and more natural translations, which limits translation errors in some language combinations to over 55% -85%. In addition, you can download most languages ​​to your device so that you can use this service even without connecting to an Internet device. At the same time, when the device is connected, this service uses a link to get better translations. The implementation of NMT in translation technology is and is what makes the service we have just launched.

New experience

Finally, the service gets a new look and is more effective in its use. If you've used automatic translations before, you might notice that the translated text looks like it flickers a little on your device's screen, which makes reading difficult. Now we have reduced flicker, making the text more stable and understandable. In this new form, all three camera translation functions are conveniently located at the bottom of the program? instantaneous – which is also the subject of this blog – scans, scans an image, freezes it and gives the user the ability to select the finger that he wants to translate as well as import that allows users to import photos from their mobile camera to translate content.

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