Monday , June 14 2021

LG publishes new 4K monitors for content creators and player players

LG Electronics introduces the 4K monitor in the Greek market which has an extremely high resolution for the best clarity and detail.

The 4K monitors offer live images, richer and wider color range, high quality sound, as well as smart design, create a striking set that enhances gaming experience and content processing.

The 27UK600-W, 27UK650-W, 27UK850-W and 43UD79-B models feature stunning features such as 3840 x 2160 (Ultra HD) resolution and 99% in sRGB color, while 32UD59-B can reproduce a high range Dynamic high brightness values ​​over 500nit and a wide range of DCI-P3 color gamuts of 95. The detailed RPG and FPS display in the UHD 4K solution gives realistic gaming experience to the player that enjoys & The best games with incredible graphics at a 4K decision.

The viewing experience on 4K monitoring is even more impressive thanks to the combination of the IPS LED display and the HDR10 high-tech dynamic range (27UK600-W, 27UK650-W, 27UK850-W) Provide better brightness levels and a wide range of colors. In addition, the HDR Impact offers absolute details and dramatic color expression when recording the true vibration of colors.

Thanks to a large screen 42.5 UD79-B UHD 4K, the user can watch movies, play games, or deal with many windows at the same time, without any compromise on the readability of each window. The IPS 4K panel provides good visibility of different angles to see the maximum comfort and content with accuracy, no expiration.

Also, all models (excluding 43UD79-B) include AMD FreeSync technology that can erase and shake the screen, providing a seamless, smooth user offer in high resolution action games.

Finally, 4K monitoring and all LG monitors are supported with a total 3 year warranty and a 3 year Pixel warranty.

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